What does choice really mean?

Be honest about what the mean choice really meansYou’ve heard it, I’ve heard it. I heard it today in a conversation I had while waiting for tires to be put on my car. To paraphrase: The decision to abort is a difficult one, but it’s better than letting those poor children end up in orphanages. I beg to differ. I am one of those poor children who ended up in an orphanage. Thanks be to God! Who in her right mind would think that death was preferable to having a fighting chance at life? Who in his right mind would think, because something might happen to a child at some point in his or her life, that murdering that child at the outset was the better, the nobler, the Christian choice?!

Boggles my mind. Absolutely boggles my mind. Especially the same person tells me that if something is in the Word of God, then that something is as if written in stone and cannot be changed or ignored. The day of worship cannot be changed. Oh, the calamity if that is changed. But the commandment against killing an innocent (which is what the commandment is actually about in the Hebrew, not just killing, but murder of an innocent)–that is less important than the day of worship?

Seems to me that which day we worship on is a point of discipline and can be changed by the Church which is the Body of Christ and was given authority over such things by Him. But the commandment against murder is not a point of discipline. The blood of Cain’s brother cried out to God from the ground upon which it had been spilled. The blood of so many innocent children who were sacrificed to Moloch caused that land to be cursed. That was the land that was known as the Valley of Gehenna, a place where nothing would grow and no one wanted to live there. The people used it as a trash dump and the fires burned there both day and night.

The blood of our brothers and sisters cries out to God our Father from the abortuaries in our own land now. How can God bless us and our country while we continue to spill the blood of the children He meant to be blessings for us? How can God bless us while we continue to pay millions and millions of dollars to those who shed that innocent blood here and abroad? We even tie our foreign aid to acceptance of our exported genocide! We have slain as many as 55 million children in this country alone since Roe v Wade. About a billion worldwide! How can God bless us when we do such things?

Is it any wonder that the world is in such a mess? Is it any wonder that people treat each other worse and worse every day when they think nothing of killing every day at least as many children as the terrorists killed on 9/11?

Who are the terrorists? We the country who supports and exports the genocide against humanity–we are the terrorists!

Abortion Never Saves A Woman’s Life, It Just Kills A Baby

Abortion never saves a life

How many times have you heard the lie that we must keep abortion legal to save women’s lives? I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard this monstrous lie. And that is just what it is. A monstrous lie. A fabrication. An absurd and false claim that is nothing but a ridiculous attempt by some people to rationalize the destruction of those who they consider to be unwanted or inconvenient. It’s a lie often told by those who pretend to be rational, upright, responsible and–this is my favorite–compassionate.

Well, I never believed it. And doctors in Ireland don’t believe it either. (See video below or on YouTube.) They have testified in a court of law that abortion is never medically necessary to save a pregnant woman’s life and that life-saving healthcare is never denied to a pregnant woman in Ireland either. In fact, despite the ban on abortion in Ireland, it’s one of the safest places in the world for women to have children according to the United Nations. (Well, perhaps it’s because abortion is banned; it’s pro-life!) So next time you hear someone lying about how abortion is necessary, speak up. And tell that person to admit that he or she is pro-choice, that choice being the death of an innocent child in the womb.

From the story at LifeSiteNews:

“Abortion is not needed to treat cancer. In fact, it’s not needed to treat any medical condition arising in pregnancy.” Those are the opening lines of a powerful and important new video message from the Life Institute, which brings good news for mothers and babies.

That good news has been confirmed by medical experts, and is borne out by Ireland’s experience in maternal healthcare. The demonstrable, verifiable, and certain truth is that abortion is not needed to save a mother’s life. The only purpose of abortion is to kill a baby.

View video on YouTube. View video on The Life Institute website.

Rally for Religious Freedom, Then Go See October Baby

In a few hours I’ll be heading to Mass (I better get to sleep quick!), then I’m off to the rally to Stand Up For Religious Freedom. After that I’m going to go see October Baby, which was filmed right here in good old Birmingham, Alabama. The trailers look great and what I saw on EWTN’s Life on the Rock last week convinced me that I have to see this film.

October Baby, filmed here in Birmingham AL, the trailers look GREAT

What a wonderful day it should be. Got my cameras all cleaned up, batteries charged, smart cards formatted and ready to go. May have to make a stop somewhere on the way to the rally to pick up a raincoat, judging from the forecast and the rain we got on Thursday. My full report on the day’s events will be forthcoming some time this weekend. See ya then! And please don’t forget to stand up for religious freedom in a town near you!

Real freedom of choice is the freedom to choose Life and Love

I’ve been thinking about this all day and ever since last night: what does “choice” mean? What does choice mean to me and what does it mean to people who throw the word around so easily, as if it were nothing. As if it were just another slogan. As if it had nothing to do with life and death and a baby’s last breath. Or the soul of a heartbroken man or woman, feeling overwhelmed and alone and scared half to death. What is freedom of choice?

Real freedom of choice is the freedom to choose Life and Love. The freedom to embrace a tiny one and be that one’s voice. To uphold the right to enfold life within your womb.

The right to dare to live and give life and rejoice!

A prayer request from Abby Johnson

Prayer request from Abby Johnson, former director of a Planned Parenthood abortuary who is now working for Life. Please read her post and pass it around. And pray for Dr. Boyd, who: Continue reading “A prayer request from Abby Johnson”

When people say they are for “choice”, what do they mean?

When people say they are for “choice”, what do they mean? Do people mean that they choose to have sex, no matter the consequences? That their desire to have sex outweighs every other factor in their lives? That they are willing to die for it? That they are willing to kill for it? That they are willing to use force to force someone else to kill for it?

What does “choice” mean? Who chooses this choice and what is the choice that they choose? Why don’t people finish the sentence and say what they mean? Continue reading “When people say they are for “choice”, what do they mean?”

January 21 is “Ask Them What They Mean When They Say ‘Choice’ Blog Day”

Ask Them What They Mean When They Say ‘Choice’ Blog Day, Jan 21 2011January 21 is Ask Them What They Mean When They Say ‘Choice’ Blog Day and I’m writing some posts for it tonight, which I’ll upload later. I only found out about the event this afternoon, so I’ve got my writing work cut out for me. Did some research and drank some coffee. Now I’m going to eat some dinner and put some thoughts together. See you tomorrow! If you’ve got a blog, why don’t you join us?

“Ask Them What They Mean When They Say ‘Choice’ Blog Day” Jan 21 2011! Read more.

No easy decision to watch that video

I just watched MTV’s No Easy Decision. I would embed it here but I don’t see a link for doing that. I made the comments below as I watched. Might make more sense if you watch the video first or read along as you watch. If you’re a regular visitor to the blog, you already know how I feel about this. I am staunchly pro-life. I am pro-woman. And pro-man. And pro-child. Pro-human, in fact. And I am a devout and faithful Catholic. If any of that riles you or gets your goat, it won’t hurt my feelings if you surf away now. Because my comments are only going to rile you more and your goat is gonna get got. I guarantee it. Now on to my comments… Continue reading “No easy decision to watch that video”

None of my business, say what?

She stood in the parking lot outside Planned Parenthood, talking with us (40 Days for Life vigil participants). She was trying to convince us, herself, somebody, that abortion was nobody’s business but the person making the decision. “It’s between them and their God,” she said.

What God is that, I wondered. Continue reading “None of my business, say what?”

Danger, Will Robinson and anybody who values the right to life

I can’t say this better than the Susan B. Anthony List did, so I’m going to quote the paragraph (see below) about Dawn Johnsen’s nomination to Assistant Attorney General, and link to their Action Alert (see more Action Alerts) so you can see this for yourself. And, please, after you finish reading, take action. And share this with your friends, family, prayer groups, everybody you know. This is important. This is really, really important. I’m eating lunch in Savannah prior to heading back out on the highway to make the trip home, but I saw this in my email and knew I had to stop everything to share it with you. Continue reading “Danger, Will Robinson and anybody who values the right to life”

The right to life, a brief video to watch and to share

I watched a very short video tonight after arguing with some people on YouTube about embryonic stem cell research, the right to life of every human being, and why embryonic stem cell research is a waste of valuable time, money, and effort, and intrinsically immoral and unethical too. (The “donors”—the embryos—are destroyed to get the stem cells. Adult stem cell research has been very positive and does not result in the death of the donor.) I think part of the problem is, some folks just don’t know what the heck an embryo is. Or a fetus, for that matter. Some of them can’t tell the difference between a cell (which is much more complex than most people realize) and a developing human being, which is what an embryo is and what a fetus is too. Continue reading “The right to life, a brief video to watch and to share”

URGENT Webcast on Dec 15 about Senate crisis

I received the following Action Alert in my email a few minutes ago. Due to its staggering importance, I’m posting it here in full. As the original message requested, please forward this URGENT message to your friends, family members, co-workers, and fellow believers, and I am asking that you send it to every person of good will you happen to know too! Thank you for reading and for responding to this crisis. (The information below is quoted from StopTheAbortionMandate.com) Continue reading “URGENT Webcast on Dec 15 about Senate crisis”