The right to life, a brief video to watch and to share

I watched a very short video tonight after arguing with some people on YouTube about embryonic stem cell research, the right to life of every human being, and why embryonic stem cell research is a waste of valuable time, money, and effort, and intrinsically immoral and unethical too. (The “donors”—the embryos—are destroyed to get the stem cells. Adult stem cell research has been very positive and does not result in the death of the donor.) I think part of the problem is, some folks just don’t know what the heck an embryo is. Or a fetus, for that matter. Some of them can’t tell the difference between a cell (which is much more complex than most people realize) and a developing human being, which is what an embryo is and what a fetus is too. The reason for this confusion? Our education system. Or our lack of one. Our media and the mission they have accepted: to misinform and mold the minds of the masses. Watch this video and see what an embryo is and what a fetus is and get rid of the notion that an embryo is some tiny little nothing that can be dispensed with or used for whatever reason we choose…or can thrown in the trash can as if that little life were of no value at all. And, please, please, share this with your pro-abortion friends. Thank you. Peace be with you.

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