Rally for Religious Freedom, Then Go See October Baby

In a few hours I’ll be heading to Mass (I better get to sleep quick!), then I’m off to the rally to Stand Up For Religious Freedom. After that I’m going to go see October Baby, which was filmed right here in good old Birmingham, Alabama. The trailers look great and what I saw on EWTN’s Life on the Rock last week convinced me that I have to see this film.

October Baby, filmed here in Birmingham AL, the trailers look GREAT

What a wonderful day it should be. Got my cameras all cleaned up, batteries charged, smart cards formatted and ready to go. May have to make a stop somewhere on the way to the rally to pick up a raincoat, judging from the forecast and the rain we got on Thursday. My full report on the day’s events will be forthcoming some time this weekend. See ya then! And please don’t forget to stand up for religious freedom in a town near you!

2 thoughts on “Rally for Religious Freedom, Then Go See October Baby

  1. SR

    Hello Sidewalk Angel,
    Thoughts and prayers are with and for you this day. I will be looking forward for all the information regarding how things went, being related as how only you can:>) Have a great weekend. God Bless, SR


    1. Howdy, SR! Just left EWTN Daily Mass (Oy! So early!) And I’m fueling up the car and then fueling up my tummy and going to get some lightweight raingear. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers which are always needed and very much appreciated. Peace be with you and God bless you too. And God bless America! Lord, have mercy on us all!


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