Time for another giveaway! (Ended)

(Note: This giveaway has ended, winner will be announced tonight, March 3. View other giveaways.)

+JMJ+ Tonight I decided to give away a copy of In Conversation with God, Volume 2: Lent, Holy Week, and Eastertide, published by Scepter. It’s going to be a quick giveaway so the winner will have time to use it during Lent. See the Lent 2023 Giveaway page for more info and the email form to use to enter the giveaway. See past giveaways.

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Anotha cuppa and a few words about the time I recited the Creed in a coffee shop

+JMJ+ Did I ever tell you about the time I recited the Creed in a coffee shop? I was talking with a young man about religion and belief and I do not remember how we got on the subject. Probably he saw that I was wearing a Catholic T-shirt and reading a Catholic book. A lot of my conversations get started that way. Eventually he said to me, “I don’t know what I believe, do you?”

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3 Things to Share Tonight, Time-Sensitive!

+JMJ+ Greetings, y’all. I’ve got three things to share with you, all time-sensitive: a reminder about our current flash giveaway for Advent, the Worldwide Women’s Rosary, and a Christmas Novena. All of these are soon to take place or happening now, so this post will be brief and to the point. Let’s go!

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Gone Fishin’ for the Summer

Gone Fishing sign

+JMJ+ That’s right, I’m taking off for the summer. (I almost wrote “School’s out for summer!” And now I can’t get that song out of my head.)

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Book of the Month, Mar 2022, Part 10

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 10 of our current Catholic Book of the Month, The Quest for Holiness: Introduction to the Spiritual Life, by Brant Pitre. I’m on a quest to become a saint and I’m using this book as my guide.  Come along with me and let’s become saints together! In the preceding weeks we’ve learned about the spiritual exercises of fasting, almsgiving and prayer that Jesus gave us in His Sermon on the Mount, to conquer (always with His grace and the sacramental life of the Church) the three temptations of pleasure, possessions and pride. Now we’ll begin to learn about the virtues and vices. 

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Books on the Nightstand

+JMJ+ So many things are going through my mind tonight, I don’t know what to write about first. I’m in the middle of research for a couple of different projects and another one just fell in my lap, so there’s that. The feast day for the Conversion of St. Paul is coming up, and I’ve got some new used books I’m reading, along with some others that I bought with a gift card from my sister for Christmas. (I already mentioned one of the Edith Stein books I got.) So maybe I’ll just ramble about these things for a while. Here goes nothin’.

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Epiphany, Showing Forth to the Nations

+JMJ+ I suppose most of us here in the States observed Epiphany on Sunday but in my mind it’s always on January 6. I found some things about it to share with you so here goes. Hope you find something interesting and helpful in the post.

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Book of the Month, December 2021 – Part 12

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 12 of our Catholic Book of the Month, Sanctity Through the Rosary, by Fr. Édouard Hugon, OP. You can get a printed copy or a PDF using the links at the end of this post and view other parts of the series on the Table of Contents page.

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The Jewish Roots of Advent

+JMJ+ I got this last year, I think, and I’m going to listen to it again for Advent this year, which is already here. Yikes! We’re in the second week! How did time get away from me again? Like it always does. Sigh. Video and links below. :)

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Happy and Blessed All Saints’ Day

We’ll continue with our Book of the Month, Sanctity Through the Rosary, during November because I think it is timely and important for all of us to get serious about our faith and our spiritual life. But today is All Saints’ Day and tomorrow is All Souls’ Day, and the whole month is devoted to the Holy Souls, so during November we’ll do things a little differently. I’ll feature something specifically about the Holy Souls, a video or podcast or something, on Mondays, and continue with Sanctity Through the Rosary on Thursdays. We’ll see how that goes. I think both topics are very important for us, especially now. For many of us our spiritual lives need a jump start.

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A Journey – Part 25

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 25 of A Journey. Jonah is on a journey with a certain tentmaker, searching for the body of the false messiah, convinced that it was stolen by some of the dead rabbi’s disciples. They reach Capernaum, hot on the trail of the fugitives. 

And now the journey continues.

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A Journey – Part 18

Book Cover

+JMJ+ This is a rough draft of what will, I hope, become a novel. Every time I write I find new things I need to research, but right now I’m sticking to writing the rough draft. Other parts of the story are linked on the Fiction page. Come along with me, if you like. Our journey continues.

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