Stupak dares to criticize someone else?

Stupak says Rep. Randy Neugebauer’s shout “tarnished” the reputation of the House.” Really? And the fact that Stupak himself, after repeatedly promising that he would not fold, that he would stand firm against those who were pressuring him, that he would stand for life—now he has the nerve to say that Rep. Neugebauer “tarnished” the reputation of the House? Really?! Continue reading “Stupak dares to criticize someone else?”

Where, oh, where are the prolife democrats?

Not so dynamic duoLifenews has a good article about last night’s perfidy perpetrated in full view of the American public. Pro-life Democrats. Yeah, right. I thought that was a contradiction in terms a couple of years ago when I experienced an awakening and realized I could never think of myself as a Democrat again. And I was right! I still shudder to think that I ever voted for the party that uses the image of an @ss to represent itself. But I did. I was an idiot. I’m not saying that the Republican party is perfect, far from it. If they had been more pro-actively pro-life all along, we might be in a much better situation right now. (Song verse at end of this post.) Continue reading “Where, oh, where are the prolife democrats?”

How a bill really becomes a law, watch this Schoolhouse Rock parody

Just this weekend I was at a friend’s house and she showed me a Schoolhouse Rock video she has: How a Bill Becomes a Law. After last night’s disastrous legislation passed, I was devastated. Again. Almost as devastated as I was when the pro-abortion “No Hope” Obama won the election. Surfing around for news today, what did I discover but this brand new video on YouTube, How a Bill Really Becomes a Law: A Schoolhouse Rock Parody by MC CeeBro. I love it. Watch the video below. Continue reading “How a bill really becomes a law, watch this Schoolhouse Rock parody”

Audacity, well, that is one name for it

Somebody was wandering through the blog the other day and left a comment on a post I wrote about the Mass, Salvation and the Sacraments. (You’ll notice, I’m sure, that the comment has less than nothing to do with the post but is, instead, about Obama.) Continue reading “Audacity, well, that is one name for it”

Nancy Pelosi is an ardent practicing Catholic like I am a Jedi Knight

Updated Dec 6, 2019: Fixed broken links.

If you haven’t heard about Nancy Pelosi asking St. Joseph to intercede to get this outrageous legislation passed, I invite you to watch the video below. Nancy Pelosi is a Catholic like I’m a Jedi Knight. No, I take that back. I’m light-years closer to being a Jedi Knight than she is to being anything like an “ardent practicing Catholic.” Nancy, give it a rest, give me a break, and give a public apology to St. Joseph, Protector and Guardian of the Holy Family, the Patron of the Universal Church, Terror of Demons and Patron of Workers, for daring to mention him as the patron of workers, adding that this bill would benefit the workers of this country (or anyone else!), as if this would convince the foster-father of Jesus Christ to intercede with the Lord on behalf of her unspeakable, thoroughly deplorable and despicable atrociously misleading and misnamed “health care reform” abomination and atrocity.

Continue reading “Nancy Pelosi is an ardent practicing Catholic like I am a Jedi Knight”

Catholic health care and the poor, serving Christ or serving mammon

What follows are some thoughts and reflections on the current health care debate, specifically as it concerns Christian hospitals after reading Peter Singer, listening to Sr. Carol Keehan, DC, on The World Over, and others for many months. As Christians we are called to union with Christ. To pick up our crosses daily and follow in His footsteps. We are not called to succeed by any and all means. We are not called to do whatever it takes to get the job done. We are called to be faithful followers of our Lord. That’s what discipleship is all about. Too many Christians (I should say, “wanna be” Christians) forget that. They forget that Christ did not ask us to solve world poverty by any means. He did ask us to practice fraternal charity. He asked us to love our neighbors. He asked us to worship God so that we would receive the necessary grace to be able to follow Him so as to have communion with Him here, and to live with Him in eternal beatitude in the next life. Continue reading “Catholic health care and the poor, serving Christ or serving mammon”

American Life League’s Judie Brown is my hero

Saving Those Damned Catholics, by Judie Brown(The following post refers to something I wrote back in October.) I’ve been listening to Judie Brown and others from the American Life League and reading Mrs. Brown’s book, Saving Those Damned Catholics (on sale right now at ALL’s store, see link), and I gotta tell you, I thought the bishops were doing a better job than she thinks they were. And she’s in a position to know a whole lot more about it than I am. Her book is an eye-opener, as was her interview with Raymond Arroyo along with Sr. Carol Keehan on EWTN‘s The World Over. She sure gave Sr. an earful that night, I’ll give her that! Continue reading “American Life League’s Judie Brown is my hero”

Look, Ma(ureen), I’m an older mostly white malcontent

I didn’t know it, but apparently I and people like me are older and mostly white malcontents. I’m not sure if that means that most of us are white or if we are mostly white or mostly malcontents or mostly white malcontents. But whatever it means, Maureen Dowd says so, it’s right there in her column, so it must be true, huh? I mean, she wouldn’t make it up. She’s calling it just like she sees it, isn’t she? (See a quote from her op-ed piece below.) Continue reading “Look, Ma(ureen), I’m an older mostly white malcontent”

Giving Doctors Financial Incentive to Push Euthanasia

I am in favor of health care reform. We need it. I agree. But I am not in favor of the ideas I’ve heard about in the plan currently being considered by the House. And to all those who have told me that my concerns about abortion and euthanasia are completely unfounded, I say: Oh, yeah? Read the articles I’ve linked to below. And then read some more on your own, something perhaps a little more objective than the press releases from the people pushing this plan. Continue reading “Giving Doctors Financial Incentive to Push Euthanasia”