Danger, Will Robinson and anybody who values the right to life

I can’t say this better than the Susan B. Anthony List did, so I’m going to quote the paragraph (see below) about Dawn Johnsen’s nomination to Assistant Attorney General, and link to their Action Alert (see more Action Alerts) so you can see this for yourself. And, please, after you finish reading, take action. And share this with your friends, family, prayer groups, everybody you know. This is important. This is really, really important. I’m eating lunch in Savannah prior to heading back out on the highway to make the trip home, but I saw this in my email and knew I had to stop everything to share it with you. Please, don’t underestimate how important this is. To the Church. To the pro-life movement. To the lives of millions of people, and not only in this country. Please contact Congress and tell them to oppose this abomination.

President Obama has nominated Dawn Johnsen to serve as an Assistant Attorney General to determine what is or isn’t Constitutional. Dawn Johnsen is an extremely divisive figure. She has worked for the ACLU’s Reproductive Freedom Project. She was the legal director for the National Abortion Rights Action League. She has compared pregnancy to slavery. She has argued that the government should strip the Catholic Church and other religious denominations of their tax exempt status because of their pro-life advocacy. She believes that a pre-born child has no separate existence apart from the mother. She has compared pro-life protesters to the Ku Klux Klan. She was heavily involved in the authorship of the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), which would repeal every state and federal restriction on abortion. Johnsen has a long track record of intolerance to positions conflicting with her pro-abortion agenda. Type your name and contact information below, and hit “Enter”, to be taken to a page to write your Senators today. Tell them to vote against Dawn Johnsen’s nomination! — From the Susan B. Anthony List Action Center.

This would effectively silence pro-lifers and I can imagine the battle that the Church would end up in, given what has happened in the past.

In 1988, attorney Dawn Johnsen argued that the Catholic Bishops needed to choose between either having the Catholic Church stripped of its tax-exempt status as a religious organization or keeping their opposition to abortion to themselves. The Catholic Bishops defeated Dawn Johnsen in the Supreme Court Case United States Catholic Conference v. Abortion Rights Mobilization.

After the case was concluded, Dawn Johnsen was rewarded for her legal work on the case by being granted the position of legal director of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), where she worked from 1988 – 1993. Now, President Barack Obama has re-nominated her to head up the Office of Legal Counsel and is pushing for the Senate to ratify her nomination this week. — From the Susan B. Anthony List Action Alert sent out via email.

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