Fall Giveaway 2021

+JMJ+ The Fall Giveaway 2021 has now ended. I’ll be selecting a winner (see below for details on how this is done) and announcing the winner here on the blog on this page, and in a separate blog post which will also go out in email to subscribers, on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest on November 6, 2021, at 8 pm CDT. I’ll be posting a photo of the actual rosary and tin soon. (Now I want one for myself.)

It’s time for another giveaway. And for this one we’ve got:

A beautiful handmade set of rosary beads with matching decorated tin to store it in. The artisan is part of our Catholic Twitter family. I saw photos of her work on her Twitter page and thought they were beautiful. You can see photos here and below. Aren’t they lovely?

Giveaway Rules

Due to international law governing such things, I’ll still be restricting the giveaway to the U.S. And I have to also keep it to the ages of 18 and older. So I’ll need your name and email address to contact you if you win, and your age to be sure you’re eligible to enter. (You can just tell me in the message that you’re over 18.) You can enter once per day, by the way.

Note: The Fall Giveaway 2021 has ended. The giveaway runs until 11:59 pm CDT on October 31, 2021. I’ll select a random winner (process explained below) and announce that winner on the blog, on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and via email on November 6, 2021, at 8 pm CDT. Please use the form below to enter. You don’t need to fill out the message block unless you want to. I’ve included the “Fall Giveaway 2021” in there already. (Please ignore the big huge red “Go back” that appears after you enter. One day I’ll figure out how to get rid of that.)

Selecting a random winner

I assign a number to each entry in the order in which they are received (1, 2, 3…), then count how many entries I have, then go to a random number generator, tell it how many entries I have and it generates a random number from among the numbers I gave it. That’s how I’ve done it every time so far. :)

Thanks for visiting and reading and for entering the giveaway. May you stay healthy and holy and virtuous, and may you become the SAINT you were always meant to be. May the Lord bless you and may His Peace be always with you. +JMJ+

Images: Photos by Anna Durkin, the rosary maker. See more of her work at her Etsy shop. Really lovely things. :)

Copyright: All original material on Catholic Heart and Mind is Copyright © 2009-2023 Lee Lancaster. All rights reserved. Read more.

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