Tissot, The Flight of the Apostles

I saw Him walking on the path,
I stayed behind, I watched him go.
Watched the soldiers come and take Him,
Watched the others run, forsake Him.
I didn’t run, I forsook Him
With steps sad and slow.

I saw Him return along the path
When the day was done and all was still.
I stayed behind and hid my face
And hid my soul from His grace.
Weak then was my flesh.
Weaker still, my will.

©️ 2020 Lee Lancaster.

I began composing this poem during Lent and for Lent, but I didn’t publish it until June, so in a sense it’s the first poem in this list chronologically, but not the first to be published here. A work-in-progress, I still change a word or two or a comma (take it out, put it back in, you know how it goes) every time I see it.

There are at least two more verses to this poem, or maybe there will be another two short poems to go with it. I don’t know yet. I won’t know until it’s finished. Who knows when that will be? It had been years since I’d written any poetry beyond a brief verse in a Tweet reply here and there, when I suddenly began to hear poetry in the ear of my heart again. May the words continue to flow. I have missed them something fierce.

Image: The Flight of the Apostles, by James Tissot. Public domain.

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