Becoming Catholic

Becoming Catholic is much more than deciding to join another denomination and joining up. For one thing, the Church does not consider herself to be one denomination among others. She considers herself to be The Church founded by Christ. She considers the many communions that have sprung up all over the globe to be related to her even though separated from her. And she prays daily for the reunion of all Christians everywhere so that there will be no disunity in the Body of Christ, as Jesus Himself prayed in the Gospels. (I’ll be adding Resources when I can. (If there’s anything you think I should include—or remove—here, please let me know. And thank you!)

Becoming Catholic

  • How to Become Catholic: article by apologist James Akin.
  • Becoming a Catholic: article at Catholic Online.
  • Catholics Come Home: “…an independent non-profit Catholic apostolate that creates effective and compassionate media messages and broadcasts them nationally and internationally, in order to inspire, educate and evangelize inactive Catholics and others, and invite them to live a deeper faith in Jesus Christ, in accord with the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.”
  • Coming Home Network International: Marcus Grodi helps non-Catholic ministers and laity on the journey home.
  • The Journey Home: (Link fixed) Host Marcus Grodi talks with former non-Catholics who made the journey home. Listening to conversion stories helps you find answers for your own questions. Viewers can email and call-in during the show.
  • Deep In Scripture: Another Marcus Grodi show. “…[I]gnorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.” —St. Jerome, Prologue to the “Commentary on Isaiah”: PL 24,17.
  • Read and listen to other converts like Steve Ray (link fixed).

Conversion is an ongoing process

When I started the site a few months ago, I was going to blog my continuing journey in the Church. But not long after that I had so many conversations with people who misunderstood the Church and Catholic doctrine and Christianity in general, with people outside the Church, some from other traditions or communions—and with Catholics who should have known better—that I decided to focus on what I see as a very pressing problem in the Church right now: evangelizing and catechizing, sharing the Good News that is the Gospel, and teaching real, honest, true Catholic doctrine. I meet so many Catholics who know almost nothing about their faith and I want to do what I can to encourage them to learn more and to be proud of and love their Holy Mother, the Church. I’ll get back to my other blog at some point but this is my main focus for now. I’ll be adding to this page and the whole resource section as time goes on. So check back to see what’s new. And thank you for reading! May the peace of Christ be with you now and always.

Update April 29 2019: I’m going through these pages, one by one, to check links and make any necessary corrections. If you find any broken links, etc., please let me know. Thanks, and thanks for reading. God bless!