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Free Catholic Audio, Various Speakers

Updated April 5, 2020: Checking links, removed ones no longer working.

    • Matthew Leonard’s site (either he hasn’t named it yet or he’s missing a banner image) is really good. I mean really good. Excellent material and an excellent podcast with great guests. Go to the sidebar on his site, scroll down about halfway, and you’ll see a spot where you can subscribe to the podcast four different ways. His Next Level Catholic Academy is coming soon, too. You can subscribe on his site to be notified when it goes live via email. If you seen Matthew on EWTN or on any of the St Paul Center for Biblical Theology videos, you know this is going to be good.
    • Listen to Gary Zimak (full-time Catholic lay evangelist) via Blog Talk Radio or iTunes or RSS feed. Listen to various archived radio shows (from EWTN’s Son Rise Morning Show, Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo and others). During Lent (2012) Gary is leading a retreat based on the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola…via podcast! Even if you can’t make the retreat right now, you can still download the audio and save it for another time. I love this idea. Thanks, Gary!
    • A marvelous site devoted to the late Archbishop’s talks and writings. Listen and read for free online, download MP3’s for a fee. See site for details.
    • Discerning Hearts: “dedicated to those on the discerning journey.” I found this yesterday and have spent hours reading, listening, downloading free MP3’s of talks by Mike Aquilina (you may have seen his many series on EWTN, especially the ones with Scott Hahn), Fr. Timothy Gallagher, OMV (you may have seen his series, Living the Discerning Life, on EWTN or his book, The Discernment of Spirits), Joseph Pearce (you’ve probably seen him on EWTN, too, talking about great Catholic writers like Shakespeare and Tolkien), and more. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunesHighly recommended! (Though I do want to warn you, the site relies heavily on loads of lovely graphics and flash, and almost every page is loaded down with multiple audio files. Broadband and good hardware will really help surf this otherwise marvelous site.)
    • Peter Kreeft Audio: Dr. Kreeft is a marvelous author, speaker, philosopher, theologian, and I’ll just bet he’s a wonderful teacher and maybe a pretty good surfer. (He’s slightly obsessed with surfing, about which I know nothing, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on that.)
    • Institute of Catholic Culture: (Link fixed) Loads of free MP3 recordings of the really excellent programs the Institute offers free to the public. Check out their site for info on scheduled events. Highly recommended!
    • Catholic apologetics MP3’s on a Biblical basis from the Bible Christian Society, John Martignoni’s site, filled with goodies and freebies. (MP3 download is a bit cumbersome but these are good talks.)
    • Lots of free Mary Foundation CD’s from CatholiCity.
    • Priests for Life Podcasts.
    • Had to remove a site (Advanced Christianity) because I found that they were promoting works by a “visionary” whose works have been condemned by the Church for many years. Didn’t see it listed on their front page. It was buried in the HTML source code keywords. Something told me to look there and I’m glad I did. I will NEVER knowingly promote ANYTHING that has been CONDEMNED by the Church. See this page by Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, in EWTN’s online document library: “Is the Poem of the Man-God Simply a Bad Novel?”

Scott Hahn Free Audio

Not free but not expensive either!

  • Scott Hahn MP3 downloads at Saint Joseph Communications. Scott Hahn and Saint Joseph Communications played a large part in my conversion. I listened to a ton of Dr. Hahn’s audio Bible study and apologetics courses. I used to listen to the cassettes in my car. Now they’re becoming available as downloadable MP3’s. A while back I downloaded the Gospel of John and the Romanism in Romans (the sound quality on that last title was awful!!) and I can hardly wait to get the rest of ’em. Only money is standing in my way. ;) Variable audio quality aside, everything I’ve ever heard or read by Dr. Scott Hahn has been truly excellent and exhilarating. Thrice highly recommended! :)
  • Lighthouse Catholic Media: I can’t praise this group highly enough. I have some of their CD’s (Scott Hahn, one about Mary and one about confession, Matt Kelly) which I picked up at a church supply store that carries some Catholic stuff. I got ’em for $3 each cuz I bought three. I’ve listened to these many times. You can buy the same titles at the Lighthouse Catholic Media online store as CD’s for $3 or download the MP3’s for $2 each. Check out their CD Club and parish fundraiser program too. Let’s help spread the word about this great resource! Highly recommended!

If you find any broken links, etc., anywhere on the site, please let me know. Thanks. And thanks for reading. God bless!