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Free Catholic Audio, Various Speakers

Updated April 29, 2019 (still have to check all the links)

Scott Hahn Free Audio

  • Our Father’s Plan, Jeff Cavins and Scott Hahn. Salvation History, the Bible and the Church. Series. Very highly recommended!
  • An entire page of Scott Hahn audio links at Sonitus Sanctus. Anything by Scott Hahn is going to be good. One of my all-time favorite teachers, bar none. Very Highly Recommended! (Important note: I noticed that the links to the RealAudio files of Answering Common Objections on that Scott Hahn page don’t work. They pointed to EWTN’s library and apparently they’ve been removed. Here’s what I’ve had to do: Download the monster single MP3 file of Answering Common Objections. It’s a big file but it’s worth the time spent. Recommended.)
  • Below is a link to Scott Hahn downloadable MP3’s for sale at Saint Joseph Communications. They’re not free, so I didn’t put them here. And I also have a page of links for Dr. Hahn’s free audio Bible study courses.

Not free but not expensive either!

  • Scott Hahn MP3 downloads at Saint Joseph Communications. Scott Hahn and Saint Joseph Communications played a large part in my conversion. I listened to a ton of Dr. Hahn’s audio Bible study and apologetics courses. I used to listen to the cassettes in my car. Now they’re becoming available as downloadable MP3’s. A while back I downloaded the Gospel of John and the Romanism in Romans (the sound quality on that last title was awful!!) and I can hardly wait to get the rest of ’em. Only money is standing in my way. ;) Variable audio quality aside, everything I’ve ever heard or read by Dr. Scott Hahn has been truly excellent and exhilarating. Thrice highly recommended! :)
  • Lighthouse Catholic Media: I can’t praise this group highly enough. I have some of their CD’s (Scott Hahn, one about Mary and one about confession, Matt Kelly) which I picked up at a church supply store that carries some Catholic stuff. I got ’em for $3 each cuz I bought three. I’ve listened to these many times. You can buy the same titles at the Lighthouse Catholic Media online store as CD’s for $3 or download the MP3’s for $2 each. Check out their CD Club and parish fundraiser program too. Let’s help spread the word about this great resource! Highly recommended!

Note, June 3 2019: I’m going through these pages, one by one, to check links and make any necessary corrections. If you find any broken links, etc., please let me know. Thanks, and thanks for reading. God bless!