Series On the Soul, Vol 2, TOC, Annotated

Part 1, Introduction: I had begun researching yoga and Catholicism when other aspects of my life took precedence. I didn’t think I was ready to launch back into that study yet, but something has come up over on Twitter and I need to write a reply which is going to be longer than a Tweet (a lot longer). So I’ll write it up and post it on the blog, then link to it on Twitter. The subject is whether or not yoga is compatible with Catholicism. Spoiler alert: No, I don’t think it is. As for the series, I think it belongs with the Series On the Soul and you’ll see why I’m thinking about that as these posts continue. I’ll give it its own TOC, though, and call it Series On the Soul, Volume 2. The other one ran weekly and numbered from part 1 to 50. I want to leave it like that. I haven’t yet decided which days I will post these. We’ll see.

Image: Girl performing a yoga asana. Source: Pixabay. Public domain.

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