Re-Reading the New Age Series, TOC, Annotated

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Part 1: Education, Bailey-Style

Bailey is right up front about her methods and goals. And some of those who take her as their inspiration are up front about it, too. She takes from her starting point that there is an elite group of “masters” in charge of this world and leading it from behind the scenes along its evolutionary path. These “masters” (“of the ageless wisdom”) live (where else?) in the Himalayas. The ascended master Djwal Khul, the Tibetan, is purported to be the teacher speaking through Alice Bailey in her twenty four main books. Here is her goal for education in the brave new age:

“We are passing through one of the great natural transitional periods at this time. We are laying the foundation for the emergence of a new species of human being—a more highly evolved unit within the human family—hence much of our problem, and much of the present failure to meet the demands of the race, and to measure up to human need for development.”

Education in the New Age, Alice Bailey, Lucis Trust, 1954 and 1982, pg 14. [Emphasis added.]

Part 2: Education, Bailey-Style

Continuing to re-read Education in the New Age. This week I read the preface and decided to write about it before I delve further into the text proper. After all, the preface sets the tone of the work and reveals its purpose. The late Oliver Reiser, Department of Philosophy, University of Pittsburth, authored the preface which is titled Educational Trends in a World Crisis. 

Part 3: Education, Bailey-Style

Continuing to re-read Education in the New Age. Taking a closer look at chapter 1, fewer quotes, more commentary (or something resembling it) this time. And a new schedule for the blog: this series goes to once a month, on the first Monday of the month, so I can keep my sanity and not have to read so much New Age garbage stuff garbage in such a concentrated dose. And it will free up time to write some other stuff, too. Woohoo! :)

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