Fall Giveaway 2021 has ended, Winner announcement soon

+JMJ+ The Fall Giveaway 2021 has now ended. I’ll be selecting a winner (how I choose the winner, scroll down the page) and making the announcement here on the blog on the Giveaway page and in a separate blog post which will also go out in email to subscribers, on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest on November 6, 2021, at 8 pm CDT. I’ll have a photo of the Rosary and tin soon and will share it. Now I want one of these sets for myself.

Thanks for visiting the blog and reading. May we stay holy and virtuous, and help each other to become who the Lord intends us to be: SAINTS. God bless you and may His Peace be always with you. +JMJ+ 

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Will post tomorrow


Well, there it is, another Monday post to be posted on Tuesday. It’s true! I’ll post the next installment of our Book of the Month tomorrow, Tuesday, in the late evening between 10pm and midnight, earlier if I can. Our current book is Sanctity Through the Rosary. While you’re here, don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a beautiful handmade rosary with matching tin. I’ll try to post a photo soon of the set Anna is making just for us.

Okay, See you tomorrow. Until then, may the Lord bless you and keep you, and may His peace be always with you.

St. Luke the Evangelist, it’s your feast day. Pray for us!


In the image: St. Luke paints the Virgin and Child. By Giorgio Vasari. Via Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

Monday post coming Tuesday

+JMJ+ Yes, it’s true, tonight’s post will be posted tomorrow, Tuesday. Friends are coming over tonight, Monday, to bring dinner (Greek or Mediterranean!) and take home some old, old chairs that my mom recovered before I went off on my college adventure back in the days of the dinosaurs. OLD chairs. Prehistoric chairs. I dunno what they’re gonna do with ’em, but I’ll be sorry, not sorry to see ’em go. (The chairs, not my friends.) But I need the space and that’s that.

I’ll post tomorrow and guess what: I’ve picked out a book of the month. Yes, I realize the month is almost half over. But, hey, it’s only half over, so there. ;) See ya tomorrow! +JMJ+

PS: While you’re here, don’t forget to enter the Fall Giveaway for 2021.

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Personal projects pre-empted my post

+JMJ+ I missed my self-imposed deadline for posting tonight, well, last night now. I got carried away with a couple of projects I’ve been working on. These projects required outside help so I’ve had to work on them when they could come over and we could get some stuff done. Stuff like:


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Time for another giveaway!

+JMJ+ Howdy, ya’ll! I’m recovering from having a prayer answered, a wish come true, a dream of mine for many years now. I finally hired some help and got one of my bedrooms converted into a simple and inexpensive studio. I can use it for writing and music. And with this set up I can work on actually learning how to play some of the stuff I have. And some of the stuff I hear in my head.

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Now that the rough draft is finished

On writing

+JMJ+ Warning: this post skips around a lot because that’s how my brain is working (or not working, depends on how you look at it).

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Part 19 will be posted on Tuesday

+JMJ+ Greetings, y’all! Hope you had a good Fourth of July. I’m still dealing with a cold and a sleepless night after the fireworks, and the reaction to them by Miss Lucy Dawg who is ordinarily unruffled by such things. This time they got to her, though, and she had a bout with a condition that led to a situation just as I was finally headed to bed. A trip to the vet and one hundred and sixty dollars later, she’s snoring away and I’m exhausted.

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Right before my very eyes

Right before my very eyes, poof! The Thursday night post just turned itself into the Friday afternoon post. It’s a miracle!

Well, not quite a miracle. I’ve been fighting off a cold and a headache and it’s been a losing battle. I’m halfway through the post, well, almost. So I’ll finish it and post it tomorrow. I sincerely apologize for having to do that, but there’s no way I can finish it tonight.

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A stray update

+JMJ+ Thank you to everyone who prayed for him and has asked for an update on Major Tom (aka Tom Cat, aka Major Tom Cat Jones). Turns out it was not a BB gun wound after all. Seems something bit him and it had abcessed. I knew he was a fighter (he’s scrappy and he wins, he doesn’t back down, I had to break up one of his fights), but I didn’t know about this wound. It’s not as if I can scoop him up and inspect him the way I can Miss Lucy Dawg. She said he’s been well-behaved for them and has let them handle him. (Edit: The vet said that, not Miss Lucy Dawg. Oy.) Color me amazed. We’ll see how he does for me when he comes home tomorrow.

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More Stray Thoughts

Had an adventure today. I’ve written before here about a stray cat who decided to live on my deck. Major Tomcat has been living on the deck and the backyard and nearby for about a year, probably over a year. As of today he is officially mine. He’s at the vet, getting a physical, getting fixed (hopefully that will cut down on his roaming, but who knows), and getting his microchip and I will officially be his owner. 

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A long-awaited book update and a new cover thingy

+JMJ+ Friends of the Rosary Project know I’ve been working on a Rosary ebook for a while now. I have finally gotten the formatting to work. I’ll spare you the gory details. Suffice it to say that I have at last tamed the wild beast. Sorta. At least the chapters do show up separated into, well, chapters now. But I’m still working on getting images to do right. (Do right, images, stop being bad. Bad, bad, bad images. They’re driving me mad. Mad, mad, mad. Sigh.)

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Rosary Project 3.0 in the works

Latest cover idea for the Rosary ebooks. Getting better, I think.

+JMJ+ You may have wondered, if you’ve wandered through the Rosary Project pages on the blog, what that other phase was that I’ve mentioned here and there for a few moons (maybe more than a few). I’ve been pondering, too, of what that phase might consist. Well, wonder no more because, by golly, I think I’ve got it! 

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