3 Things to Share Tonight, Time-Sensitive!

+JMJ+ Greetings, y’all. I’ve got three things to share with you, all time-sensitive: a reminder about our current flash giveaway for Advent, the Worldwide Women’s Rosary, and a Christmas Novena. All of these are soon to take place or happening now, so this post will be brief and to the point. Let’s go!

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The Advent Giveaway is Live

+JMJ+ I’m giving away a copy of Volume One, meditations for Advent and Christmas, in my favorite devotional book series, In Conversation with God, published by Scepter. Hurry and enter, entries close at midnight, Dec. 8, 2022. Read more and enter the giveaway.

Thanks for visiting and reading. I hope you’ll enter the giveaway or get a copy of this great devotional series, or use a favorite one of your own this Advent. I saw a comment on Twitter last night that mocked the ancient tradition of a season of preparing. More on that later. I feel a blog post coming on. But first I have to get our Rosary thread ready for tonight. See you tonight maybe? I hope so! +JMJ+

Join me on Fridays for the Rosary Project Live on Twitter at 8pm ET, 7pm CT, to cultivate a culture of Life and Love, and to end the culture of death. There’s also a Rosary on the blog you can use anytime.

“The Rosary is the ‘weapon’ for these times.” — Padre Pio

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Advent just began and I’m behind already

+JMJ+ Okay, here’s the real post I posted about in the last post that was telling you about the real post that I was gonna post after posting the post about posting the post that–what the heck was I saying?

I know I said I’d tell you about what I’ve been up to but I don’t know who’d really wanna hear it. It’s mostly been fixing things that broke, uninstalling and re-installing software, discovering that the computer I bought for my little home studio works surprisingly well with most of my software, but apparently hates my MIDI keyboard that works perfectly well with other operating systems. 

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Oh, I’m just sitting here writing a post

+JMJ+ I’m just sitting here writing a post, or trying to, and running late because everything that can go bonkers has gone bonkers. Seriously, it’s been crazy. And a moment I go I hit an update button when I meant to hit go away and I’ll update when I’m good and dadgum ready, but, oh, well. So while I wait to get back in and continue writing my post, I thought I’d drop in here to say, AAAAAAAAA! Er, ahem, I mean, I’ll be back soon with a post. I hope. If I don’t stumble into another update of an endless loop of one kind or another. Oy. See ya soon! +JMJ

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Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to You and Yours!

+JMJ+  I hope you’ve been having a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends. I’m thankful for each and every one who takes time to visit the blog and read my posts, and sometimes comment, too. To my blog patrons: I’m so thankful for you. Your generosity is very much appreciated! Still boggles my mind that I have patrons. Who’da thunk it? ;) God has been very good to this unworthy woman and I am grateful most of all for His Mercy and Forgiveness. Where would I be without Him? Well, nowhere, really. (Note: I’ve included a video below in the post, from Fr. Chris Alar of the Marians, about the roots of Thanksgiving. You won’t hurt my feelings much if you skip on down to that. Not at all, honestly, because I won’t even know you did it.)

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Halloween, it’s not about witches and goblins

+JMJ+ Greetings, y’all! Happy All Saints Eve! I’m almost ready to start my new schedule here at the blog but for now I wanted to share a couple of videos about Halloween from a Catholic perspective. There’s a lot of stuff and nonsense out there and I think some clarity is needed.

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In Honor of Our Lady of the Rosary

+JMJ+ I’m back from summer break, working on the blog. Posts will resume soon. Meanwhile, you are invited to join me in praying the Rosary tonight, Friday, Oct. 7, on Twitter at 8pm ET/7pm CT, in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary. I’ve included a video below in this post, about the Battle of Lepanto and the feast day from Sensus Fidelium, and links to a couple of articles about it, too.

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Join me to pray the Rosary in honor of the Assumption

+JMJ+ You are invited to join me Monday, Aug. 15, on Twitter at 8pm ET/7pm CT, to pray the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I tweeted a thread about it, too, containing links to some videos by Scott Hahn, Steve Ray, and Brant Pitre, about Catholic teachings on the Blessed Virgin and her Assumption. I hope you’ll join me.

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She would have been 100 today

+JMJ+ Today my mother would have been one hundred years old. She was born in 1922, a few years before the Great Depression, into what would today be considered a large family. Her parents were poor but generous and would let passing strangers do odd jobs for good home-cooked meals at the kitchen table.

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In memory of

+JMJ+ The best dawg ever would have been nineteen years old today. She left me just a few weeks shy of her fifteenth birthday. Together we had conquered her severe fear of loud noises, dark clouds, strong winds, my absence whether for a day or an hour or a minute, men, men wearing those big puffy parka things, men in hats, or, worst of all, men in big puffy parka things and hats.

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Thank you, Sacred Heart of Jesus!

+JMJ+ We in the pro-life movement have prayed a long time for this day to come. And it has finally arrived! Thank you, Lord, for giving the Justices on the Supreme Court of the United States the necessary integrity and courage to undo what should never have been done in the first place. We’ve won an important battle in our spiritual combat. And we know it’s not over yet. Our ancient enemy never sleeps and his minions are ever doing his bidding. Hold on to virtue. Remain steadfast in prayer. Persevere even unto the end.

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Gone Fishin’ for the Summer

Gone Fishing sign

+JMJ+ That’s right, I’m taking off for the summer. (I almost wrote “School’s out for summer!” And now I can’t get that song out of my head.)

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