Book of the Month, October 2021 – Part 2


Welcome to part 2 of our Catholic Book of the Month for October, Sanctity Through the Rosary, by Fr. Édouard Hugon, OP. You can get a printed copy or a PDF using the links at the end of this post and view other parts of the series on the Book of the Month Table of Contents page.

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Book of the Month, October 2021 – Part 1

+JMJ+ It’s the month of the Rosary (and speaking of the Rosary, don’t forget to enter the Fall Giveaway for 2021 for a beautiful handmade rosary and matching hand-decorated tin!) and our Catholic Book of the Month is Sanctity Through the Rosary, by Fr. Édouard Hugon, OP. Seems like a very good time for a book like this or a very good book for a time like this, either one. Fr. Hugon’s book is not a history of the Rosary but gives us a way of using the Rosary to help us attain the goal of the Christian life: perfection in the Christian sense and eternal life, which begins here and now with baptism. (By the way, the image in the banner is just one that I wanted to use, it’s not on any covers of our book of the month, but it would make a good one.)

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Monday post coming Tuesday

+JMJ+ Yes, it’s true, tonight’s post will be posted tomorrow, Tuesday. Friends are coming over tonight, Monday, to bring dinner (Greek or Mediterranean!) and take home some old, old chairs that my mom recovered before I went off on my college adventure back in the days of the dinosaurs. OLD chairs. Prehistoric chairs. I dunno what they’re gonna do with ’em, but I’ll be sorry, not sorry to see ’em go. (The chairs, not my friends.) But I need the space and that’s that.

I’ll post tomorrow and guess what: I’ve picked out a book of the month. Yes, I realize the month is almost half over. But, hey, it’s only half over, so there. ;) See ya tomorrow! +JMJ+

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Our Lady of the Rosary is also Our Lady of Victory

+JMJ+ Today, October 7, 2021, is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. If you don’t know about the Battle of Lepanto, I’ll let Sensus Fidelium tell you about it in a video linked below. You can also read about it on a page at Catholic Culture which I’ll also link below. It’s been an important day for me over the years. When I was away from the Church for about a year and then came back as a tearful prodigal who realized how stupid I was for leaving, I went to confession and Mass on October 7th. I did not even remember what feast day it was until after I slipped into the pew (yes, I genuflected first). Our Lady has been there for me many times. She is much more faithful than I have been.

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St. Francis is not just about animals

St. Francis of Assisi is not only and not even primarily about animals. Yes, he loved creation but he loved it because he loved the God Who created it.

+JMJ+ It took me longer than I expected tonight to write a post about St. Francis. Everything I looked at or read or thought about left me in tears. Not just sentimental tears, though there probably is some of that, but the tears of a deep longing. I don’t know what to call it. Maybe to see the way he saw, to love the way he loved.

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Catholic Writers Are Needed Today

+JMJ+ Now that I’ve actually written a novel all the way through (well, a rough draft, anyway, and using no cowardly padding gimmicks like I used during one NaNoWriMo after another, ones included in the handbook, I might add), I’ve been giving serious thought to what a Catholic (or Christian in general) writer is. I mean, I’d thought about it before, I’ve read about it and watched videos and listened to podcasts. I’ve read at least some of what Dorothy Sayers, Tolkien, O’Connor, and others said or wrote about it. (An aside: I thoroughly enjoy the non-fiction, the essays and letters of Sayers and O’Connor, but not their fiction. Lord Peter Wimsey is not my cup of tea and a story I like by O’Connor is hard to find. There, I said it. Let the flame throwing begin! However, after some videos I watched last night, I’m planning to have another go at O’Connor. I will share some of the videos in this post.)

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Feast of the Archangels

Today, September 29, is the Feast of the Archangels venerated in the tradition of the Church. The Church has rich teachings on the Archangels and Angels. Below are just a few ways to learn more about them, including a video.

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Good demons, wth?

+JMJ+ Someone said to me recently that angels can be bad and that demons can be good. Now I don’t know what his religion is or where he heard such a thing, but that’s not what I’ve found as a teaching in any religion in all my years of study. And it’s certainly not what I learned as a young Methodist or in my twenty-five years plus as a Catholic. (I’ll link a video from the Thomistic Institute at the end of this post.)

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Personal projects pre-empted my post

+JMJ+ I missed my self-imposed deadline for posting tonight, well, last night now. I got carried away with a couple of projects I’ve been working on. These projects required outside help so I’ve had to work on them when they could come over and we could get some stuff done. Stuff like:


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Reading and Writing like a Catholic

+JMJ+ I’m always trying to learn more about writing and I learned a lot while writing the rough draft that I posted on the blog recently. But I have not even scratched the surface of all there is to know about writing, especially about writing a Catholic novel. I wish I’d found this interview before I started writing. Maybe it’s better that I found it after I wrote. Who knows? Maybe you or someone you know would enjoy watching this interview, too. Notes and links are at the end of this post.

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Suffering, Meaning, and Ouch My Aching Back

+JMJ+ Having spent most of the day howling in pain after I threw my back out (think Felix Unger, those of you of a certain age), instead of getting to do any of the fun stuff I had planned (such as, writing a post for the blog, for example), I’m going to spend the evening watching some videos by Scott Hahn about suffering (see below). First I’m gonna take another aspirin and put some more analgesic stuff on my aching back. I’m offering it up, yes, I’m offering it up already! Oooooowww!

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The Exaltation of the Cross

+JMJ+ With everything going on here at the homestead (mostly good, some frustrating, and all tiring, stuff) I haven’t written a new post for the feast, so below is the link to my earlier post for the Feast of The Exaltation of the Cross. If you missed it last year (and even if you didn’t), heeeeere it is. :)

Last year’s post for the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross

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