Praying for the Holy Souls in Purgatory TOC, Annotated

These teachings are important and beautiful and yet so misunderstood that I decided to do a series on them during the month devoted to the Holy Souls in Purgatory. And as the subject is so important there will be more posts about it over time. For November 2021 we have this four-part series. Links to videos, articles, or books, etc. are at the end of each post.

  • Part One: We kicked off a new limited series with a video of a conversation between Susan Tassone, the Purgatory Lady, and Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, on EWTN Live.
  • Part Two: In this post there are two videos for a couple of books I recently got. One of William Hemsworth talking with Karlo Broussard about his new book, Purgatory Is For Real. And a promotional video about a book titled, Hungry Souls: Supernatural Visits, Messages, and Warning from Purgatory, by Gerard J.M. van den Aardweg PH.D. 
  • Part Three: In this post are two videos, one about Padre Pio and his intercession for the Holy Souls and some encounters he had with them, and a video from the EWTN show, Living Divine Mercy on “Why Purgatory Exists.”
  • Part Four: In this post, a video of Doug Keck interviewing Susan Tassone on EWTN Bookmark about her book, Praying with the Saints for Holy Souls in Purgatory. There are also links to articles to show non-Catholic friends and family (and some Catholics who have been less than ideally catechized and not quite motivated to learn their faith on their own) when they corner you at gatherings and pounce on you about “those man-made Catholic rules and other made-up stuff that’s not in the Bible.” You know what I mean, we’ve all been through it. When I could out and about I would have catechisms (yes, more than one copy and maybe more than one version) and Bibles and other books and even tapes or CDs to share with those who were open to learning. You never know when an opportunity will arise.

“It is therefore a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from sins.” — 2 Maccabees 12:46, Douay-Rheims Translation, public domain.

” We must empty Purgatory!” — Padre Pio.

Image in the banner: An Angel Frees the Souls of Purgatory, Ludovico Carracci, via Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

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