Permissions and Copyright

As I move toward my first publication this site, Catholic Heart and Mind, and all material on it, except where otherwise noted, are the property of Lee Lancaster, copyright 2009-2021. All rights reserved.

Copyright on images used on site

The images used on the blog, especially in the Rosary Project, are in the public domain, as far as I have been able to determine. Some I have obtained from free and royalty-free services. You’re on your own if you download any of them for anything other than personal use. If you sell them somewhere and get caught, I’ll tell the authorities that I never heard of you. (J/k. Public domain images can be used in works to be sold, but one cannot sell them as mere collections of images.) Also note: I have tried to use smaller and lower resolution images for the web, but some of the images I’ve saved are quite large. They would eat up my bandwidth and storage space if I were to upload them here.

I’ve taken a few photographs and posted them on the blog. I will indicate that they are mine as I am inordinately proud of them. I generally watermark them and I don’t generally upload photos at high resolution.

Send me a message via the Contact page if you have any questions. Thanks! And thank you for visiting the blog.

Image: Woman writing a letter, by Gerard ter Borch. Wikimedia. Public domain.