Have not yet finished the next post in the Occult Phenomena and the soul series. Aiming now to get it on the site by tomorrow evening, while also getting ahead on my NaNoWriMo word count, so Miss Lucy Dawg and I can go visit my best friend. We’ve been waiting for months to meet her new puppy, Miss Nova Dawg.

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Ack! I need some blue filter lenses quick, fast, and in a hurry!

Y’all have heard it before: I’m a nightowl. This is when I can work on things without getting a phone call that wipes my mind clean, ya know? Derails me completely. Doesn’t take much these days. But aside from the practicality of nightowliness, it’s just the way I am, so there. Anyway, I’m working on the Rosary Project pages tonight to address those tacky filenames showing up in the image galleries. Ugh! Those beautiful images deserve better! May take me a few days to get them all done but done they will be.

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Christ in Glory, by Giovanni Battista Gaulli (Il-Baciccio).
Adapted from a copy found at rev-artistry.

Happy Easter, friends! I hope your Lenten season was fruitful and that your Easter season will be richly blessed. My own recovery continues and I’m feeling more and more like myself again. And happy to be back here and active on the site, too.

I’m logged in tonight, building the pages for the Rosary Project. So if you see anything going all wonky, it’s probably not you, it’s probably me, trying something out and discovering that it doesn’t work. ;) I’m going to build the pages, text first, then add the images. Still debating on whether to put several large images on one page or smaller ones linked to larger ones, or just use a gallery for them instead. I dunno. We’ll see what happens. Say a prayer for me that I don’t mess up the entire site somehow and have to start over. I think I’d close it down and go hide in a corner if that happened. Or not. Twitter has made me bolder and more thick-skinned. (That place can be brutal!)

Have a great Easter weekend, y’all. God bless you. May His peace be always with you.

Prayerful study and (Christian) meditation on the Word of God with the Rosary.
The Holy Rosary has been called “the Bible on a string.” In the Rosary we pray and meditate on the Life of Christ, coming face to face with the True God and True Man, Jesus.
Image: Bible and Rosary from user jclk8888 at Morguefile.

*Translation: The Lord is risen indeed. Praise the Lord!

Please keep Jennifer in your prayersJennifer Fulwiler posted an update on her condition over at her blog. Pulmonary embolisms–multiple ones, at that!–doesn’t sound good. I’m glad she was able to post an update. Thank goodness so many hospitals have Wi-Fi these days and thank goodness for little lightweight tablets that make it so easy to check in with worried family, friends, and other concerned folks. The thought of sitting in a hospital bed with IV’s and who knows what hooked up to one, and having to juggle a heavy bulky laptop, too–it’s just too much!

Please keep Jennifer and her family, including her unborn baby, in your prayers. Peace be with you.

I’m working on the next post in the Mass and Salvation series. I hope to have it posted in the next few days. I got sidetracked with company from out of town, then keeping up with the latest developments in our situation in the country, listening to some relevant podcasts, along with exploring and adding to the Resources section. Now I’m back to working away on the writing. Stay tuned and, as always, thank you for reading. :)

After much and painful deliberation (okay, 20 seconds of Googling), I decided to send full posts to the RSS feed and to add a comments feed. And I’ve added a Contact page just in case you want to contact me (and the thousands of comment boxes all over the blog don’t offer enough opportunity for you to do this) (and that you should want to do this is both improbable and unfathomable). I’ve also added a Question and Answer page, in case you’d like to, oh, I dunno, ask me a question or let me ask you a question, or shoot the breeze, or stump me and show everybody and their brother how truly ignorant I really am.

So that’s the kind of thing I do when I should be working on the oodles of posts I have in the works, including the write-up I’m in the middle of. Sigh. Guess it’s time to get back to that. After I get a cup of coffee. Or something hot to drink, it’s freezing in here! Okay, enough rambling, I promise, I’m getting back to work. Really. No, really, I mean it! :)