Note: Sometimes I post a lot here, sometimes (most times) I don’t. Sometimes I tweet a lot, sometimes I don’t do that either. :) I’m currently trying a new blog schedule (that right there is a change!) and am posting on Mondays and Thursdays, usually in the evenings. Late in the evenings.

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RSS: A Really Simple Explanation.

RSS stands for “Really Simple Stuff” or “Really Simple Syndication” depending on who you ask. RSS feeds are denoted by the universal symbol you see up above and to the right, or ones similar to it. An RSS feed is a simple text document that allows a feed reader to display the contents of a blog and gathers new content from many different sites. This allows you to read your favorite sites in one place instead of having to physically visit those sites. Saves you time, keeps you up-to-date. More information about RSS feeds.