Image: Book project 1, The Holy Rosary with Classic Art and Scripture (snazzy working title with snazzy working cover, I have no idea what the final thing will be).

Book Projects

I have several books in the planning stage (okay, mostly in the daydream and jotted-down notes stage), so I’ll be putting them on here as the projects progress, now that they are progressing. Once I get at least one ready for publishing, this page will probably change a good bit. Stay tuned. I’m making it up as I go along and playing it all by ear. Prayers are more than welcome!

Catholic Heart and Mind Publications

I plan to self-publish my books so I’m setting up a page for the book project here. I have other books in the planning stage, too. The image above is a possible cover for the first book. The image below is a possible logo for Catholic Heart and Mind Publications or Press or Publishers or whatever it ends up being. I suppose it’s won’t be a press unless I intend to publish or print stuff for other writers (and I don’t), but I really don’t know what to call it yet. Still learning about this end of things. Also still pondering a name and design. Not that I’m much of a designer. What I am is cheap or I’d pay someone to do the design of the logo AND the book and format it, too, and be done with it. But, no, I’ll do it myself, I said. It’ll be fun, I said. Oy vey. ;)

The above image is a possible logo for my possible publishing company or press or whatever it ends up being.