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Featured Posts

Blog Series Annotated Table of Contents

  • A Few Words and Anotha Cuppa Series: rambling rambles by a rambling rambler, wherein I mostly ramble about whatever’s on my mind. Occasional and ongoing.
  • Bible In a Year (BIAY): My Notes and Thoughts after listening to the daily podcast by Fr. Mike Schmitz.
  • Books I Want Right Now Series: The title says it all. Occasional series, ongoing.
  • Catholic Book of the Month: Kicking off a new series, posting on the 2nd Monday of each month. (1st Monday is already taken by the Re-Reading the New Age series.) Planning to feature a new (or new-ish) Catholic book each month.
  • “Did I Ever Tell You…?” Series: Sharing some stories about my past, my family’s past, things that have happened to me, and I should write up some stupid things I’ve done (I could fill a gazillion blogs with that one!). Occasional, ongoing.
  • Fiction: I’ve started a story as part of an experiment. I’m gonna keep going with it until I figure out what to do with it. ;) You’re welcome to come along for the ride. Might wanna bring a sandwich and a thermos of coffee. I dunno where we’re going or when we’ll be back. If we get back. If we don’t fall down a hundred rabid rabbit holes.
  • New! Learn to Pray the Rosary: I’ve shared a lot about the Rosary on the blog and on Twitter, about what it is and why to pray it, but not about how to pray it. Until now.
  • The Mass, Salvation and the Sacraments Series: Diagrams on a blackboard provided the spark for this series of posts. I’ll probably post more in this series at some point, don’t know when.
  • New! Mysteries of the Rosary in Art: I’ve collected a lot of art over these last few years for the Rosary threads on Twitter. It’s high time I did a series here on the blog focusing on some of that art. So here it is.
  • Octave of Christian Unity: A series of posts for the Octave of Christian Unity (January 18-25, 2021).
  • Praying for the Holy Souls in Purgatory: A four-part series for November because these teachings are so important and beautiful, and yet so misunderstood, that I decided to do a series on them during the month devoted to the Holy Souls. And as the subject is so important there will be more posts about it over time.
  • Re my RCIA Experience: I sponsored a friend in the RCIA a few years ago. It was…interesting. I wrote a couple of posts about it. (It’s a wonder any of those poor souls went on to become Catholic, lemme tell ya.)
  • Re-Reading the New Age Series: I’m taking another look at the New Age now that I have twenty-four years as a Catholic under my belt. If only I’d known then what I know now… I’m sharing my discoveries and thoughts to help anyone else who may find themselves tempted to surrender to the allure of the false spiritualities and false Christs of the Brave New Age. Current, ongoing.
  • Series on the Soul, Vol. 2: This is the second series of posts on the soul, but it’s not necessarily weekly like the earlier series was. First up is a look at yoga and its compatibility with Catholicism (or lack thereof). To be fair I am reading some things someone wanted me to read and I’ll go from there. An introduction is posted. Think of it as a series (on yoga) within a series (on the soul). There will be other topics as time goes on and as I can get to them.
  • Something About Mary Every Day in May series: In May 2019, I posted sumpin about the Blessed Virgin Mary almost every day in May. I began it a few days in and missed a couple of days after that, one when I wrote a post for the Ascension instead and I forget why I missed the other one. My mind, missing since 2018. If you come across it anywhere, tell it to come home, I miss it. ;) Series complete.
  • The Story of Salvation (Salvation History): New series beginning in January 2021, on Thursdays.
  • Weekly Series on the Soul: Exploring Catholic teaching on the soul, from theology to a Thomist look at occult phenomena to works on angels, the four temperaments, videos of Bishop Sheen to Fr. Chad Ripperger to Aquinas 101 from the Thomistic Institute, to New Age dangers to and enemies of the soul–all kinds of stuff in this weekly, ongoing series. Ended (at 50 posts and at the end of 2020), for now.