The Story of Salvation TOC

Table of Contents for the new Thursday series looking at the big picture of salvation history recorded in the 14 narrative books.

Part 1: Introducing the series and invitation to join me on the journey.

Part 2: Tonight’s keyword is Foundation, specifically, the Foundation of our Unity. Real unity, not the kind the world talks about, but deep, spiritual unity, the real deal.

Part 3: In part 3 of our ongoing series, the Story of Salvation, I’m doing something a little different as we begin to look at the creation story in Genesis. Another work-in-progress was inspired by this one, and at the end of the part that came to me the night I was writing this, a verse came to me, too. I recorded it, not using either of my good microphones, but only the earbuds I had at hand. You can hear it in the post or on its own page in the Poetry Corner.

Part 4: Part 4 continues a series of reflections and thoughts inspired by reading the Biblical account of Genesis and A Father Who Keeps His Promises and some other things, too. I really should rename the blog, A Catholic Rambling Rambler Rambles. ;)

Part 5: This week, two talks by Dr. Scott Hahn about God’s covenant love in Scripture, and the Two Wisdoms and the Two Loves.

Part 6: Keeping the covenant brings blessings, violating it brings curses. Sadly, mankind has spent more time violating the covenants than keeping them, down through time.

Part 7: We’re going to look at patterns in this episode, the way the patterns repeat through the Bible and in Noah’s story.

Part 8: The descendants of the Cainites try to build a Tower to the Heavens but they get confused. God has a plan to bring everybody home, even the sinful Cainites, and God has a role for Abram in His plan.

All Series Table of Contents, Annotated