A prayer request from Abby Johnson

Prayer request from Abby Johnson, former director of a Planned Parenthood abortuary who is now working for Life. Please read her post and pass it around. And pray for Dr. Boyd, who:

“…provides abortion services up to 30 weeks gestation. He employs many late term abortionists to work for him at his facility… Please commit with me to pray for Dr. Boyd and cover him in prayer every day for 7 days. This is not a call to contact him or his facility.” [Emphasis mine. And since I found this request so late, I’m going to continue to pray for him past the seven days—Disciple.]

May our Father Who is in heaven soften this man’s heart and enlighten his mind and bring him to conversion so that he may choose life and work to spread the Gospel for the rest of his life. Amen.

One thought on “A prayer request from Abby Johnson

  1. Stacee

    Please pray that communication between Stacee and Jay will open up leading to a positive reconciliation. Pray that every negative influence, obstacles, and attack of Satan be cast out of this situation. Pray the shackles of the past be put to rest. Pray for Stacees patience’s. Pray for peace and free her from her depression and grief with the death of her son


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