About the Site

Sometimes I use this profile image for the blog. The words: Catholic Heart & Mind because that’s what I have. The stars: Because the heavens proclaim the glory of the Lord and I’ve been fascinated by them since I was a wee bairn.

What’s all this then? Why this blog?

When I started the site back in 2009, I was going to blog my continuing journey in the Church. But not long after that I had so many conversations with people who misunderstood the Church and Catholic doctrine and Christianity in general, people outside the Church and some from other traditions or communions—and with Catholics who should have known better—that I decided to focus on what I see as a very pressing problem in the Church right now: evangelizing and catechizing, sharing the Good News that is the Gospel, and teaching real, honest, true Catholic doctrine. I meet so many Catholics who know almost nothing about their faith and I want to do what I can to encourage them to learn more and to be proud of (not as in the sense of sinful pride but as in proud as opposed to ashamed) and love their Holy Mother, the Church. And from time to time I blog about Catholic books or videos I find interesting or helpful, or about events and issues in the Church. Basically I blog about Catholicism and the Church in general, whatever gets the attention of my Catholic heart and mind.

Where, oh, where, oh, where to begin?

I’ve put together a section of resources. I add to that as I discover things. Since I began that section (and the whole blog) so long ago, some links may be out-of-date. I’ll be checking them and correcting them, but that’s always an ongoing process and time-consuming. If you spot a broken link, please let me know. Also, if you discover anything here that you think is in error or not in line with the teachings of Holy Mother Church, please let me know using the contact page. I want to be able to say with one of my favorite Saints:

In all this she submits herself to the Catholic faith and the Roman Church. Nobody has found fault with them, because these things are not in the power of any man, and our Lord does not require what is impossible. —The Life of Saint Teresa of Jesus, Annals of the Saint’s Life, The Relations, Relation VII.

And, yes, I am very much aware that I have a long, long, and exceedingly long way to go before I am anything like Saint Teresa, although we do share a hot temper and the tendency for our blood to boil.

Full disclosure