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Updated: Jan 4, 2012

The main purpose of Catholic Heart and Mind is to share with others the beauty, truth and goodness that is the Catholic Church. As a convert (of fifteen years as of Easter 2011!), I am only too aware of the misconceptions that many people have about Catholicism. It is my hope and sincere intent to represent the teachings of the Church as accurately as I can and to offer a perspective on events in the world as a practicing Catholic who strives to be faithful to Christ and His Church. As my understanding develops and increases over time and by the grace of our Blessed Lord, I hope to write and present those teachings in ever richer and deeper ways, including reflections on the Bible, essays, reviews, commentary, and some sacred music that has been in the back of my mind for a while now.

I’ve put together a section of resources for inquirers, new converts, and practicing Catholics who would like to learn more about the Church. (And just so’s ya know, I don’t make a dime off of any of this, not even the titles on the book page. It’s not allowed on these free accounts but that could change one day.) If you discover anything here that seems to be in error or not in line with the teachings of Holy Mother Church, please let me know using the contact page. It is my fervent prayer that one day I will able to say with one of my favorite Saints:

In all this she submits herself to the Catholic faith and the Roman Church. Nobody has found fault with them, because these things are not in the power of any man, and our Lord does not require what is impossible. —The Life of Saint Teresa of Jesus, Annals of the Saint’s Life, The Relations, Relation VII.

And, yes, I am very much aware that I have a long, long, and exceedingly long way to go before I am anything like Saint Teresa. Although we do share a hot temper and the tendency for our blood to boil.


Updated: Jan 4 2012 — Site changes, themes, banners, and what-have-you

I seem to have forgotten to update this spot for a while. I also didn’t do much changing until the holidays rolled around. Over the past few days I made a few new banners to mark the season and set them to rotate on a random basis per page or page-load. I’m not messing with the theme, though. Nope. Takes way too much time. Time that could be (and should be) spent reading and writing. Oh, writing! I knew there was something I was supposed to be doing! See ya! Exuent, stage right!