Daily and Monthly Devotions

A list of daily and monthly devotions in the Church. These lists are often found in devotional books and pamphlets and around the web. I’ve begun adding links to the prayer pages already on site and will be adding others, too, so that where there may be one prayer on a page now, there will be more and some notes, too. It’s an ongoing project.

Daily Devotions

Monthly Devotions

  • January – Holy Name of Jesus
  • February – Holy Family
  • March – St. Joseph
  • April – Blessed Sacrament
  • May – Blessed Virgin Mary
  • June – Sacred Heart
  • July – Precious Blood
  • August – Immaculate Heart
  • September – Seven Dolors (Sorrows)
  • October – Holy Rosary
  • November – Holy Souls
  • December – Immaculate Conception or Divine Infancy (These last two are not formally approved and are not indulgenced.)

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