Comment Policy

All comments shall be moderated, even if thou hast commented before.

Thou art encouraged to:

Thou art encouraged to engage in discussion about posts and ideas.
Thou art encouraged to be civil and considerate.
Thou art encouraged to read fully and consider carefully before responding.
Thou art encouraged to seek clarification.
Thou art encouraged to point out typos, errors or dead links (politely!) so I can correct them.

Thou shalt not:

Thou shalt not be a troll, neither shalt thou feed a troll (see note below).
Thou shalt not blaspheme.
Thou shalt not swear or slander others.
Thou shalt not comment merely to anger others.
Thou shalt not violate the privacy of others.
Thou shalt not threaten others.
Thou shalt not post private info about thyself or others.
Thou shalt not post personal, racial, ethnic, political, religious or gender-based insults.

Violations shall be deleted and the commenter courteth banning. Threats shall be reported to authorities forthwith.

These rules are being implemented to maketh thy experience (and mine!) at the site more enjoyable. All comments shall be moderated and I reserveth the right to removeth any comment for any reason. My decision shall be final.

Thank you for reading and following these simple rules. Peace be with you.

About trolls:

“Trolls have no true interest in the subjects they post on. Trolls don’t want you to post carefully constructed, reasonable arguments in a debate. Trolls craft comments to emotionally upset you and make you lose your rationality. Trolls want you to completely lose your cool and your ability to sound like an intelligent person who knows what you’re talking about. Trolls derive pleasure from baiting people into highly charged emotional states and making them look stupid.” —A comment policy for your blog

Feeding trolls consists in giving them undue (as in, any) attention, which is what they crave and only serves to encourage them, something I am loathe to do. Don’t engage a troll. Ignore him/her instead. That will spare your blood pressure and mine, and annoy the heck out of him/her.

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