None of my business, say what?

She stood in the parking lot outside Planned Parenthood, talking with us (40 Days for Life vigil participants). She was trying to convince us, herself, somebody, that abortion was nobody’s business but the person making the decision. “It’s between them and their God,” she said.

What God is that, I wondered.

“They’ll have to answer for what they did.”

Hmmm. My God says that if I don’t reach out to my brothers and sisters in need, then I am going to answer for that, that sin of omission.

“Let me get this straight,” I said. “Let’s say you were on the street and someone was trying to kill you, right in front of me. You wouldn’t want me to try to help?”

“No. ‘Cause it wouldn’t be none of your business.”

What did she say?!

I thought I must have misunderstood. So I tried again.

“You wouldn’t want me to help you. If someone was trying to kill you right in front of me and I could help, you wouldn’t want me to.”

“No, ’cause it ain’t your business.”

Then what, pray tell, is my business?! And let me go on the record right now and say, if you see someone try to kill me or even wound me slightly and you’re standing right there, please, I insist, consider it your business to butt in and help me! Do not, I repeat, do not shrug your shoulders and walk away, leaving me to myself and my fate. Please do consider this an invitation to stick your nose in and save my life!

4 thoughts on “None of my business, say what?

  1. Such is the “logic” that abortion-rights must take us to. People are starting to realize the implications of arguing for abortion, and they are forced to either stand on the obviously ridiculous side (as demonstrated by your post), or reject their views… or they could just be inconsistent, which is usually the case.


    1. Hi, JW. Yeah, the “logic”. *Shakes head* I really couldn’t believe it. I thought she’d say, “Naw, that ain’t what I meant.” But no! No, she didn’t say that. She insisted that it wouldn’t be none of my business. :O And after that several of the abortion mill workers were standing outside taking a “mock the pro-lifers” break and were talking loudly about how much they love Jesus. And how much He loves them.

      Well, good heavens, that’s the whole point. Of course He loves them. He loves the women and young girls who go into that place of darkness too. And He wants to help them leave all that behind too! That’s the whole point. How can anyone who says she loves Jesus work in a place like that?

      And on that note, that reminds me of what I want to write a post about next. Some stuff I found out about Planned Parenthood within just the past few days. Mindboggling stuff. Hard to believe stuff. Talk about confused thinking and denial. Oy ve!


      1. It’s quite frustrating when people assume that we think Jesus doesn’t love them. God loves all people. It is people’s denial of the promise of grace through faith in Jesus Christ that is damning, not their sin (Ephesians 2:8-10). I just had someone visit my site who seemingly believed that only good people deserved salvation according to Christianity. The exact opposite is true. Christ came to save and love the sinners.


        1. Somebody thought that only good people (whoever they might be) deserved salvation? Deserve it? If that were true, who would be saved, pray tell? He came to call the sinner, not the righteous. He came to heal the sick, not the well. There’s a lot of confusion out there. As the late Pope John Paul II said, “Error makes its way because the truth is not taught.” I’d like to add that even when it is taught, folks often don’t listen or don’t accept it. Oy ve. Well, we continue to pray for the conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls and we continue to spread the message of the Gospel, sowing seeds that may sprout long after you and I have gone to our reward.


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