Announcing the winner of the Giveaway Lent 2023

+JMJ+ And the winner is… Marcia Geraghty! I’ll send out an  announcement via email and social media posts, too. Just email me your shipping address, Marcia, and I’ll get your copy of In Conversation with God, Volume 2, sent to you ASAP!

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And the winner is…

+JMJ+ Greetings, y’all! The Advent Giveaway 2022 is now closed and the winner is (drumroll, please!): Ahem! Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-what? Oh, no, no, not me. Gail Cohee, it’s you, nobody but you, so come on down! I’ll send out your email in a few minutes and as soon as you reply with your address, I’ll get your book ordered. You should be able to get it sometime this next week. Now an announmcement will go go out in email to subscribers, and on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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The Advent Giveaway is Live – Closed

+JMJ+ I’m giving away a copy of Volume One, meditations for Advent and Christmas, in my favorite devotional book series, In Conversation with God, published by Scepter. Hurry and enter, entries close at midnight, Dec. 8, 2022. Read more and enter the giveaway.

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Winners of the Lent Giveaway 2022

+JMJ+ Thanks to everybody who responded to the Flash Giveaway celebrating my three anniversaries.* I assigned numbers to the entries in the order received, then used the Google Random Number Generator to select two numbers. And here they are, the winners of the Lent Giveaway 2022.

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Lent Giveaway 2022

The Lent Giveaway 2022 is now closed. See the winners.

+JMJ+ Join me as I celebrate the 26th anniversary of my reception into the Catholic Church, my 13th year as a Catholic blogger, and my 3rd year owning this site, with a Flash Giveaway. Drawing will be this Saturday, Feb. 26, 2022. I’m hoping that way the winners might receive their books by Ash Wednesday, or close to it.

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Winner of the New Year’s 2022 Giveaway

Greetings, y’all! I meant to do this earlier tonight but I got caught up working on a project and time slipped up on me, so here I am, typing like mad to get this short post out to you. I assigned numbers to all the entries based on the order in which they were received, then used a random number generator and the winner is (drum roll, please!): Amelia Monroe Carlson! I sent an email and I’ll post this on social media, too. Get back to me, Amelia, and let me know if you want a hardback copy or a Kindle copy of Dr. Brant Pitre’s book, Introduction to the Spiritual Life. If you want the hardback copy, send me your address and I’ll have it sent to you ASAP.

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Happy New Year’s Eve!

The Catholic Book of the Month posts for 2022 begin on Thursday, January 6, featuring Brant Pitre’s Introduction to the Spiritual Life. See this post for more. Enter the GiveawayDrawing is on New Year’s Day so enter soon!

Join me tonight to pray the Rosary for the New Year to build a civilization of Love, Light and Life, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. Check my profile page at a quarter before 7pm CT/8pm ET when I begin posting some things to help us prepare to pray. Then the Rosary proper begins at the top of the hour. 

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A Spiritual Quest in 2022

Note: There be a special announcement in this here post.

+JMJ+ My New Year’s resolution is to get it together. Physically and spiritually. I’ve had it with the way I am. I want to get some things done and I’m tired of messing around and getting nowhere. So for 2022 I’m going to learn to do this Catholic thing right and I’m inviting you to learn along with me.

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Announcing the winner of the Fall Giveaway 2021

+JMJ+ Tonight’s the night! I got the entries together and assigned numbers to them in the order in which they were received. Then I used the Google Random Number Generator to select the winner. (I don’t like to use Google but their random number generator was rated highly in reviews.) So without further ado, the winner is (drum roll, please):

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Fall Giveaway 2021 has ended, Winner announcement soon

+JMJ+ The Fall Giveaway 2021 has now ended. I’ll be selecting a winner (how I choose the winner, scroll down the page) and making the announcement here on the blog on the Giveaway page and in a separate blog post which will also go out in email to subscribers, on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest on November 6, 2021, at 8 pm CDT. I’ll have a photo of the Rosary and tin soon and will share it. Now I want one of these sets for myself.

Thanks for visiting the blog and reading. May we stay holy and virtuous, and help each other to become who the Lord intends us to be: SAINTS. God bless you and may His Peace be always with you. +JMJ+ 

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Time for another giveaway!

+JMJ+ Howdy, ya’ll! I’m recovering from having a prayer answered, a wish come true, a dream of mine for many years now. I finally hired some help and got one of my bedrooms converted into a simple and inexpensive studio. I can use it for writing and music. And with this set up I can work on actually learning how to play some of the stuff I have. And some of the stuff I hear in my head.

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