A Journey TOC

  • Part 1, A young man remembers an encounter with someone from his past who could change his future.
  • Part 2, Our young man is seeking God and hopes to find Him in the desert.
  • Part 3, A new friend joins our young man on a journey into the desert.
  • Part 4, The desert visit is cut short, news arrives that certain parties are plotting against a rabbi.
  • Part 5, A summons from the Council creates fear.
  • Part 6, An invitation from a tentmaker.
  • Part 7, Dinner with the tentmaker.
  • Part 8, Dinner with a friend and unexpected guests.
  • Part 9, Conversation with the rabbi.
  • Part 10, Hatching a plan to help the rabbi escape.
  • Part 11, It’s all arranged, now to talk the rabbi into making a run for it.
  • Part 12, Meeting with the rabbi’s mother.
  • Part 13, One last attempt to make him understand.
  • Part 14, After the arrest.

I will add a new introduction soon-ish.

About the Project

As an experiment and to jumpstart a project I’ve wanted to write for several years, I began a sort of improv here on the blog: I’m writing a rough draft and posting it right after I write it. At least, that’s the way it’s been working out. I always intend to work on it before the day it’s due, but somehow it never happens. So I end up writing like the wind by the seat of my pants with a vague notion of where I want to go with it and a few notes. And then I run over here to the blog and paste it in and format it.

Right now the story is in the form of a Biblical character writing down his account of a journey he is taking. He is a Biblical character but his details and story are my own fictional creations. I have tried for years to find out more about him and there is not much out there and even less consensus. It’s in first person right now, but the re-write may see it morph into a third-person format, a format with which I’m admittedly comfortable. Sometimes it’s a literal journey, sometimes metaphorical, and it’s taking me on a journey of my own. I hope you’ll travel with me as we discover together where this road will lead us. I’ve been posting it on Mondays and Thursdays during May. I think I’ll keep posting it on Mondays, while getting back to the regular posts on Thursdays, at least until I finish the Story of Salvation series.

Image in the cover and the featured image: From the east, Nazareth, Holy Land, from Wikimedia Commons, public domain.