Forming a Catholic Worldview and Conscience

Updated November 2, 2020. See also Vote 2020.

Learning to see and think as a Catholic takes prayer, study, reception of grace through the sacraments, time and effort. Below are some links to help you learn to see the world around you and the events in that world through new eyes, eyes that have the benefit of the corrective lenses provided by the teachings of Christ, guarded and handed on by His Church down through the ages. It is not the Church’s duty to concoct new doctrine but to faithfully protect and transmit what she once received as the deposit of faith, and to reflect and meditate on what she has received so as to grow in her understanding of and love for it, and so also to grow in love for Christ, in likeness of Him, and faithfulness to Him. And it’s our duty to take in what the Church hands on, to make it ours, to let it seep deep down into our bones, and to become fully and totally His, sons and daughters of the Church.

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