We don’t need another weatherman, not the radical revolutionary terrorist kind anyway

Want to read the full text of the infamous manifesto that gave the weathermen their name? Search no more. You Don’t Have to Be a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows is at the Internet Archive. Look on the left sidebar for several different formats for free download. I downloaded the Pdf (read with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader) and the Mobi (read with various ebook readers, including the free Kindle app for various electronic devices, including Mac and PC).

“Originally published in New Left Notes June 18, 1969 (as noted on the document’s page at the Internet Archive)”, the ideas enshrined therein are still alive and well and living in various “community organizations” with strong ties to the White House and our current administration. You may have heard Beck or someone else talking about this on TV or the radio…no, well, probably no one else is mentioning this on TV. Maybe Michael Voris’s RealCatholicTV and others with a much smaller audience than Beck. I’d like to see Voris have the reach that Beck does. There’d be ruffled feathers all over the place, deserving of much ruffling, and I, for one, would be delighted.

You have to remember that the Democratic party, who seems to have the so-called “mainstream” media in the bag, was practically (impractically?) founded by Martin Van Buren specifically to keep the subject of slavery off the table in the years leading up to the Civil War. He realized that he would also need to take over or found newspapers who would not write about slavery either. Not much has changed since then really. Of course, his ill-considered actions helped to bring on a war that he wanted to avoid. (For more on this, see A Patriot’s History of the United States or Seven Events That Made America America: And Proved That the Founding Fathers Were Right All Along.)

Most of the media do not report on the revolution that is taking place right under their noses, except to point away from it, to distract us, to portray us as the revolutionaries. Ignoring history, or being just plain ignorant of it, the media of the left and the administration they love so dearly are dividing the people of our nation just as surely as Van Buren did all those years ago. The population was strongly polarized then. The result was an ever-increasing tide of tension that finally resulted in full-out civil war. Is that what the left wants to do now?

I think the answer is…Yes. The left, the radicals in the administration and those who, while not in the administration, are very close to it, seem to have adopted the revolutionary agenda of the 60’s Weathermen. Indeed, the authors of the Weather Underground’s manifesto are close to our president. And he seems to be as committed to their plan for revolutionary “transformation” as they themselves are.


Weather Underground’s manifesto at the Internet Archive. And don’t miss the comments on that page. Interesting stuff. And, no, the commenter “Discipleglong” is not me, nor do I endorse his/her “solution” to the problem.


Prairie Fire, more chilling twisted prose from Ayers et alWilliam Ayers, co-author of the above manifesto, also wrote another document with his Weather Underground pals. Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism. Catchy title, isn’t it? You don’t know how shocked I was to realize I had once found that slender red (significantly!) volume in a tiny bookstore in my home town (I did NOT know it was a communist bookstore when I wandered in off the street!) and bought it for some ridiculously low price. Well, on second thought, if I paid anything at all, it was a bad deal. I think I tried to read it but found it not to my taste at all and threw it away. Now it would be worth around $400. But I’m still glad I tossed it. Ugh. Creepy.

And don’t miss another precious nugget by that marvelous Willie Ayers (is the sarcasm coming through the screen?) and his fellow members Of Students for a Democratic Society, The SDS Papers – Prairie Fire & The Port Huron Statement. Links are on that page to free downloads in various formats. (Prairie Fire and the Port Huron Statement are separate documents, something I didn’t realize until I took a closer look at the page. What can I say? Have mercy on me, I’m old and I don’t see so good!)

One thought on “We don’t need another weatherman, not the radical revolutionary terrorist kind anyway

  1. Jesuit Freemasons Control The Left
    Jesuit Freemasons Control The Right
    Jesuit Freemasons Control Communists & Socialists
    Jesuit Freemasons Control Capitalists

    Divide and Conqueor is the name of the game in this two spectrum political scam.


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