We don’t need another weatherman, not the radical revolutionary terrorist kind anyway

Want to read the full text of the infamous manifesto that gave the weathermen their name? Search no more. You Don’t Have to Be a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows is at the Internet Archive. Look on the left sidebar for several different formats for free download. I downloaded the Pdf (read with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader) and the Mobi (read with various ebook readers, including the free Kindle app for various electronic devices, including Mac and PC).

“Originally published in New Left Notes June 18, 1969 (as noted on the document’s page at the Internet Archive)”, the ideas enshrined therein are still alive and well and living in various “community organizations” with strong ties to the White House and our current administration. You may have heard Beck or someone else talking about this on TV or the radio…no, well, probably no one else is mentioning this on TV. Maybe Michael Voris’s RealCatholicTV and others with a much smaller audience than Beck. I’d like to see Voris have the reach that Beck does. There’d be ruffled feathers all over the place, deserving of much ruffling, and I, for one, would be delighted. Continue reading “We don’t need another weatherman, not the radical revolutionary terrorist kind anyway”

What can you build with ten little planks?

What could one possibly build with just ten little planks? I suppose it depends upon the planks and one’s imagination. (Or lack thereof.) If they’re wide planks, one might build a desk, a table, a bookcase or a doghouse. Or, sawing the planks into smaller pieces, one could build several somethings. But the ten planks I’m writing about today are not made of wood and they aren’t used for building, for construction. They’re used in tearing down, for destruction, as in whole societies. As in our society. As in freedom and the rights of the individual. Keep in mind recent events as you read these, the Ten Planks, as they appear in the Communist Manifesto.* Continue reading “What can you build with ten little planks?”

Why does a medical library site have a wiki on Communism?

Why does a medical library site need a section on Communism?Isn’t this interesting? I just found an entire section on Communism on a site called MedLibrary.org, which purports to be a site about medications and drugs. Looks like they’ve reproduced the series on Communism at the Wikipedia. Strange, is it not? (View larger image below. See the Communism section on MedLibrary’s website. Continue reading “Why does a medical library site have a wiki on Communism?”

News update, webcast for Saturday July 10 and Michael Vorris

Brief post to share a couple of important things with you. First, there’s a webcast tomorrow, July 10, about Ending Abortion. Register for the event now. If you can’t tune in, don’t worry; if you register, they’ll send you the recordings of the talks. This is important. Please register and get the recordings. That’s what I’m doing.

I also downloaded some new stuff from Michael Vorris and Real Catholic TV’s Catholic Investigative Agency: Obama’s Counterfeit Catholics. Log in or create a free or premium account and look for the link to Special Programs on the right side of the page. Then you’ll see CIA or Shepherd’s Voice. CIA takes you to the two shows available so far. Counterfeit Catholics is a little over an hour and a half of exposing the Progressive attempted hi-jacking of our beloved Church. Watch this, order a copy (which comes with a data CD full of documentation) and share it with your family and friends for only $10 (and a dollar and a half or so for shipping).

Why Progressives crave wide open spaces, er, borders

Progressives on both sides of the aisle (which aisle seems more and more superfluous, even downright meaningless) have refused to secure our borders and, indeed, have pushed to leave our borders open to let the stream of illegal immigrants into the U.S. become a flood of—dare I say it?—Biblical proportions. Why, you ask? It’s an old Progressive Era trick. You see, Progressives realized long ago that the best way to grab (and keep) the massive amount of power they crave is to take advantage of a crisis (or a series of crises) to create an unstable situation. Continue reading “Why Progressives crave wide open spaces, er, borders”