Indigenous people of this country?

Several times over the past couple of weeks I’ve had people tell me that the “Native” Americans are indigenous to this land. Just now I was watching a Ray Stevens video about Arizona. One frame had a sign in it that really caught my eye. I grabbed a screenshot of it to show you (below).

Indigenous, uh huh

Now I thought the “Native” Americans had migrated here from Siberia or thereabouts back during the time when an ice bridge existed between the two continents. I thought there weren’t any indigenous humans here. Our ancestors, all of them, came here from someplace else. All of them! Some have been here longer than others. But they all came from someplace else. Only the generations AFTER those ancestors were born here.

So now look at this sign. The sign maker has the right, he/she says, to migrate anywhere on his/her continent. Well, then, so does everyone else! So do the other countries allow us to waltz right in and set up shop? Nope, I don’t think so. Mexico apparently has some very tough immigration laws. Certainly can’t migrate there at will.

I’m sure that if I’m in error and there were people here, someone out there will correct me. I’ll be back later. Headed to my pro-life prayer group. If ever we needed to unite in prayer, now’s the time. Peace be with you.

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