Stupak dares to criticize someone else?

Stupak says Rep. Randy Neugebauer’s shout “tarnished” the reputation of the House.” Really? And the fact that Stupak himself, after repeatedly promising that he would not fold, that he would stand firm against those who were pressuring him, that he would stand for life—now he has the nerve to say that Rep. Neugebauer “tarnished” the reputation of the House? Really?! I should think that the “reputation of the House” would be so tarnished by what took place there Sunday night that further tarnishing would be absolutely impossible! And he wants a public apology on the House floor? Really?! Then how about an apology to the American public, Congressman Stupak? For lying to us! For caving into pressure and accepting a less than meaningless piece of worthless paper from Barack “Abortion should be my middle name” Obama!

Read the full article at Stupak: Pro-Life Congressman Who Called Bill a Baby Killer “Tarnished” House

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