Stung and stewing over criticism, Stupak spews criticism, yada yada yada

Bart “I’m a Pro-life Democrat, No, Really, I Mean It, Stop Laughing At Me!” Stupak caved under pressure from the White House this weekend. And he’s none too happy about the criticism he’s been getting from pro-life groups around the country. He can’t be surprised that folks are upset. I think he’s just showing his true colors. Read about what Stupak said about his “deal” with Obama (read, pact with the devil):

I kind of like the title of that last one. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not critical of Stupak alone. Nope, I’m critical of every single person who voted for this atrocity, this grave injustice, this horrible legislation that passes into law things that our grandparents would have expected from some other country’s government but not ours, not America’s.

True, I don’t know your gramma, but mine was saintly and she would never have supported anything like this mess. Not ever. She was a fine, upstanding Christian woman and she knew her faith and she lived it. Day in and day out. She took care of her loved ones, her family and her neighbors. Everybody who knew her loved her. She brought the Love and Light of Christ to everyone she met. That’s what we’re supposed to do. Not pass laws that force us to take away rights and even life itself from some people to give to others. I’m all for helping people, especially those who need it most.

I’m all for charity, even though the bioethicists of our time (like Peter Singer) think that charity and compassion are part of what’s wrong with our society. Not that we don’t have enough, but that we have too much. Charity and compassion enable the weakest among us to survive instead of dying out the way they really should, to free up resources for the rest of us.* His ideas** are reminiscent of Margaret Sanger‘s. Just read her book, The Pivot of Civilization if you don’t believe me. You can read it free online or download it. And I hope you will. Keep a bucket handy. You may need it when it makes you nauseous like it did me.



*Of course, I’m not including myself in that “rest of us”. I suffer from a more and more debilitating disease that is attacking my lungs, among other things. More and more I find that merely walking across the room sets off a coughing spell that frightens the dogs and hurts the rest of my body. So I’d be among the first lucky people to be euthanized if the oh-so-hilarious comedy team of Singer and Sanger had their way. And that is precisely the problem pro-life advocates see with our current “health care reform” legislation. Think we’re being too reactionary? Read Wesley Smith or listen to his podcast and learn about what’s been happening around the country and the world for the past few years. We’re not being too reactionary. We’re not reacting enough!

**I especially enjoy hearing or reading Singer’s ideas about the different types of euthanasia. You know, types such as voluntary euthanasia. That one I’ve heard of. Then there’s involuntary euthanasia. Um… Excuse me, but… wouldn’t that actually be…murder?! Oh, that Singer, he’s such a witty guy. Maybe he’s just pulling our legs…off. So he can let us bleed to death. All of us bleeding hearts, just let us bleed our silly selves to death. That’s what we deserve, isn’t it? Oy ve.

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