Stupak dares to criticize someone else?

Stupak says Rep. Randy Neugebauer’s shout “tarnished” the reputation of the House.” Really? And the fact that Stupak himself, after repeatedly promising that he would not fold, that he would stand firm against those who were pressuring him, that he would stand for life—now he has the nerve to say that Rep. Neugebauer “tarnished” the reputation of the House? Really?! Continue reading “Stupak dares to criticize someone else?”

Where, oh, where are the prolife democrats?

Not so dynamic duoLifenews has a good article about last night’s perfidy perpetrated in full view of the American public. Pro-life Democrats. Yeah, right. I thought that was a contradiction in terms a couple of years ago when I experienced an awakening and realized I could never think of myself as a Democrat again. And I was right! I still shudder to think that I ever voted for the party that uses the image of an @ss to represent itself. But I did. I was an idiot. I’m not saying that the Republican party is perfect, far from it. If they had been more pro-actively pro-life all along, we might be in a much better situation right now. (Song verse at end of this post.) Continue reading “Where, oh, where are the prolife democrats?”

This may be the real reason Obama is pushing so hard for the public option

I’ve been thinking about it and a few minutes ago I read an article @ LifeNews entitled Obama Won’t Meet With Pro-Life Democrat to Discuss Abortion, Health Care. It seems that Rep. Bart Stupak is a pro-life Democrat who has been trying to get a meeting with President “Transparent” Obama for some time and has been pretty much ignored by the Oh-so-transparent One. Wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the Representative has been working hard to push back against Obama’s push for the public option? After all, apparently he has “40 Democrats who will vote against the health care bill in the House because it funds abortions”. Hmmm… Continue reading “This may be the real reason Obama is pushing so hard for the public option”