Video, Free and Catholic

I’ve been sharing videos of talks and things I’ve found interesting for years, most often via Twitter but sometimes via blog posts. Tonight I’m adding a separate page for video resources, information and links. Some videos I’ll embed, some I’ll just link so the page won’t be prohibitively slow to render. You can find more free videos at the Institute of Catholic Culture or Sensus Fidelium. Also check out the excellent videos that Dr. Brant Pitre has out there. A very engaging speaker. 

Videos by Dr. Taylor Marshall

5 Common Mistakes #Catholics Make in Defending Catholicism

Evidence for prayer and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the first three centuries.

Are You Saved? 5 Point Intro to Justification and Sanctification.

Saint Paul was a Catholic Priest.

Videos by Steve Ray

Infant Baptism in the Catholic Church

Here’s a question most Catholics have been asked. “Are You Born Again? A Catholic Response”

A talk on the authority of the Church demonstrating how he uses Verbum Scripture Study Software.

As always, if you find any broken links, etc., anywhere on the site, please let me know. Thanks. And thanks for reading. God bless!

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