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Updated October 31, 2020: Re-checked links and edited. (By the way, I’m not in any way affiliated with Dr. Hahn and the St. Paul Center, I’m just a fan. It won’t do you any good to send emails to me asking to get in touch with him. You’re on your own with that. And, yes, I have gotten quite a bit of email about and for Scott Hahn. Don’t ask me why.)

Note: Dr. Scott Hahn has two sites that I know of: St Paul Center for Biblical Theology and his personal site.  My site is not in any way affiliated with his and I don’t have a way to get messages to him. I’m just another fan.

Free Online Audio Courses – St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

  • John, the Sacramental Gospel, a series of 6 audio lessons (MP3′s). I’ve been listening to it in the car and it’s really really good! The Bible is the Catholic book par excellence. Don’t let anybody tell you anything different!
  • The Splendor of the Church: This course “examines the Church in the Pauline and Johannine writings and in the Synoptic Gospels. All of this is contained in this nine-part series taught by Dr. Scott Hahn, Dr. Brant Pitre and Dr. John Bergsma at St. Vincent’s Seminary in Latrobe, PA in 2008.  They unpack for us some of the vast riches of the Church found in the New Testament.”
  • Proclaiming the Kingdom: The Gospel of Matthew: “Sometimes called ‘the Gospel of the Kingdom’ because of its central theme, Matthew was the most often quoted of the four gospels in the writings of the early Church Fathers.”
  • Romans: The Gospel According to Saint Paul: “A Nine Lesson Audio Bible Study Course: An engaging, informative, and thought-provoking nine lecture series by Center President Dr. Scott Hahn, as well as Center Fellows Dr. John Bergsma and Dr. Brant Pitre, they will walk you chapter by chapter through the biblical book that most scholars consider Paul’s greatest theological masterpiece. Along the way, you’ll come to a deeper understanding of the Church’s teachings on justification, faith and works, spiritual fatherhood, the role of Israel in salvation history, baptism, the dignity of the body, the life of charity, and more.”

Other Free Online Bible Study Courses at the Saint Paul Center

  • Covenant Love: Introducing the Biblical Worldview: “‘Covenant’ is the master concept that unlocks the meaning of the Bible. The Bible tells the story of God the Father’s love for His children and His plan to fashion all people into one holy family. God unfolds this plan of salvation through a series of covenants, culminating in the New Covenant He makes in Jesus.”
  • Genesis to Jesus is now God’s Covenant Plan: “What is the Bible, where does it come from and what is its purpose? How are Catholics supposed to read the Bible and what story does it have to tell? These are the questions we take up in this “big picture” survey course.”
  • The Lamb’s Supper: The Bible and the Mass: “In this course we explore the intimate and inseparable relationship between the Bible and the Mass. Following an overview of the Eucharist in the New Testament, we look at the deep roots of the Mass in the biblical history of sacrifice – a history that culminates with the Last Supper and the institution of the Eucharist.”
  • He Must Reign: The Kingdom of God in Scripture: “The drama in the Gospels turns on a single question: Is Jesus the long awaited Messiah, the son of David come to restore the everlasting monarchy promised to David? Underlying this drama are centuries of rival interpretations of the Jewish Scriptures and competing expectations of who the Messiah was to be, the signs that would accompany his coming, and the shape of the kingdom he would establish.”
  • Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God: “The Mother of Jesus is mentioned only about a dozen times in the New Testament. So why is Mary so important to Catholic faith and devotion? As we’ll see in this in-depth study, Mary is a key gateway into salvation history. The Bible portrays Mary as the all-holy one who gave the Word flesh, the Mother of God, and the spiritual mother of all who live by faith in her Son.”
  • Reading the Old Testament in the New: The Gospel of Matthew: “How did the New Testament writers read the Old Testament in light of the coming of Jesus Christ? This course offers an in-depth answer to that question, focusing on the use of the Old Testament in the Gospel of Matthew.”
  • Feasts of Faith: The Old Testament Feasts and Their Fulfillment in Christ.
  • The Gospel of Mark: “St. Mark paints a portrait of Jesus that is vivid, dynamic and focused on His miracles and His divine Sonship. But, unlike the other Gospels, the structure of Mark defies easy definition. In this five part series, Dr. Scott Hahn reveals the hidden themes that St. Mark employed, like a master composer, to orchestrate his magnificent work.”

Note, Jan 27, 2020: I received word that the Corinthians audio Bible study was no longer available at the St Paul Center site (Thanks, Joseph!). After checking into it, seems they’ve removed it, so I deleted the link.

As always, if you find any broken links, etc., anywhere on the site, please let me know. Thanks. And thanks for reading. God bless!

20 thoughts on “Audio Bible Study – Free Courses from Scott Hahn

  1. John Sheedy

    I wonder why no Protestant minister speaks out agains the endless lies and hate posted daily on the internet
    about the Catholic church ?


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  3. Kim Snow

    Has Scott Hahn put his books of Understanding the Scriptures (a Complete Course on Buble Study) on audio CD? If so how can I purchase a few?


    1. I’m not sure. I haven’t seen anything about it. It’s a textbook, I think, not sure it’ll be available on audio. A web search for it would probably be the best way to find out. Thanks for reading and commenting! Happy New Year, Kim! :)


  4. Carolyne Chiboli

    I could like to deepen my knowledge on the Bible to know better the person of Jesus Christ. I think iam at home iam a nun from kenya.


  5. Hope Cheeks

    Hope Cheeks. Dr Hahn Thank you for clear my mind.! The book was super. Holy Queen Mother of God have open my eyes, my heart, my soul. The class help me to see Mery as a Mom! I will remenber you as my spiritual Gide . Thank’s for sher you Divine gift with us. Love in Jesus. Hope


  6. Desmond Blades

    Always wanted to learn from you.
    Your testimony stresses ” seek the truth”
    And it will be found.
    Can’t believe a non catholic who knows the bible inside out, professing the Catholic Church. Gods way!! Thankyou


    1. Hi, Desmond. Dr. Hahn was received into the Church in 1986, so he’s been Catholic for quite a while now. ;) I owe my own conversion, in large part, to his wonderful gift for sharing the beautiful Catholic faith.

      Thanks for reading & commenting. God bless you. :)


  7. denise volpe

    I have read the lambs supper i enjoyed it so much i have lent it out for others i cant wait to hear you speak at the church in woonsocket rhode island june 13th


    1. I heard Scott Hahn speak at Samford University in Alabama. A Baptist university, at that! Afterward I had the opportunity to tell him how grateful I was for his books and recorded talks. His work helped draw me to the Church, played a large part in my conversion. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. God bless you!


    1. And there’s probably a whole lot that could be added to these lists…if I could keep up with it all. Dr. Hahn et al are prolific! May you find something helpful. God bless you! :)


    1. Greetings and thank you for your comment on the audio courses by Scott Hahn. He is wonderful, isn’t he? :) But I don’t have any affiliation with him, I’m just another fan of his work. Alas, he’ll likely never see my blog or these comments. Ah, well…

      Thanks for reading and commenting and I hope you’ll visit often. Check out Dr. Hahn’s site as well: Peace be with you. :)


    1. He is marvelous, isn’t he? Dr. Hahn played a large part in my own conversion through his many recorded talks and his writings. Thanks for reading and commenting, Vivien. Peace be with you. :)


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