No, Jesus is NOT an Ascended Master

We interrupt our reguarly scheduled programming to bring you this important announcement: There are no ascended masters. There is the Ascended Lord, the One Christ Jesus Who ascended into Heaven. He was begotten not made, True God and True Man, One in being with the Father, was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, crucified under Pontius Pilate, suffered, died and was buried. For us men and for our salvation He came down from heaven, and no one—and I mean NO ONE—goes to the Father except through Him. 

Jesus ascended into Heaven, He laid down His life and He took it up again and He rose to Heaven because He is the Author of Life, He is the Word by Whom and through Whom and for Whom all things were created. He is the Lord and King of the universe. 

There are no ascended masters. There is One and only One Lord Jesus Christ Who ascended into Heaven because He was and is and always will be God. Only God can ascend into Heaven on His Own Power and Authority. No human person can do that, no human person has ever done that and none ever will. (Mary was assumed into Heaven by the Lord. by HIS power, not hers.) Jesus was and is and ever will be a Divine Person, not a human person, and as He is God, He can do all things including things that we cannot.

Rant ended. Every year when I go to look up something about the Ascension I run into new age nonsense about ascended masters and it makes me barf. And I was a new ager for many years. Late have I loved Thee, Lord, late have I loved Thee!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I want to share two videos with you for Ascension Thursday.

First, one from 2011: Bishop Barron on Why the Ascension of Jesus Matters.

Second, one from a couple of days ago: Brant Pitre on The Ascension, an exerpt from the Mass Readings Explained series. Man, I’ve got to subscribe to see the full videos. I just love this guy! [I did subscribe. And it is worth every penny!]

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll join me again. We’ve only just begun to explore. God bless you richly and may His peace be always with you.

This has not been a post in the Something About Mary Every Day In May series, but this day took precedence; the last one in that series will be up on the blog sometime tomorrow or tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

Notes and Links

Image: Mosaïque d’une des chapelles de la Basilique Notre-Dame du Rosaire (niveau inférieur) : l’Ascension. I think this says, The Ascension Mosaic in the Rosary Chapel in the Basilica of Notre Dame. From Wikimedia, public domain.

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