Abortionist blogs about being pregnant and aborting other people’s babies

As if I didn’t feel bad enough after spending hours in the cold, damp wind outside Planned Parenthood today. But when I finally got to sit down and check my email today, what did I find but a story from LifeNews about an abortionist who blogged about what it’s like to abort another woman’s child while her own unborn baby is moving around inside her womb. This gruesome experience is having a profound effect on her and I’m glad she’s sharing her experience with others. As horrified as I was to read the article, I’m glad she posted it. Let other abortionists read it. Let other abortion advocates read it. Let everyone read it who still has the unmitigated gall to deny that abortion is the horrific murder of a child. Abortionist Lisa Harris no longer suffers from that delusion; she frankly admits what she and other abortionists are…

Butchers—the word she herself uses. Sadly, though she confesses to being a butcher, she goes on to write of the rewards of being said butcher, which, she suggests, somehow outweigh being a butcher. She even “acknowledges [the] need for ongoing team-building around some of the difficult aspects described here.”

In conclusion, we need research focused on provider perspectives on second trimester abortion. Though I have focused primarily on the burdens of this work, robust evaluation of these perspectives should focus on the unique rewards it brings as well. Along with this, we need legitimate, formal and informal spaces and places for the varying perspectives of abortion team members to come to light. Abortion rights discourse itself needs to take these perspectives seriously. I am tired of “pro-life” representation of the work we do. It’s time for the pro-choice movement to claim abortion fully and use the experiences of providers to strengthen our movement. — Lisa Harris.

Good grief. She sees what she’s doing, she acknowledges it, and she still defends it! And she’s tired of (scary quote) pro-life representation (end scary quote) of it. How in the world could any pro-life representation make it sound any worse than she did? She thinks that what she described is something that should be claimed fully? That strengthens their movement?

I’m feeling queasy again. Here’s another soul to add to the steadily lengthening prayer list. After I pray for her tonight, I’ll be able to go to sleep. I honestly can’t imagine how in the world Ms. Harris can possibly do the same, tonight or any other night. How does she even manage to look at her own child? How does she manage to get up and go to the slaughterhouse every day? (Hey, she’s the one who calls herself and her colleagues butchers, and in keeping with her honest assessment, I’m going to be equally honest and call the abortion mills the slaughterhouses that they are.) Well, I guess she’s not the first person to find a way to justify to herself the abominable actions she’s expected to—or, rather, has chosen to—perform in her daily life. She doesn’t have to justify herself to me, not now, not later. But there is One she will answer to one day.

I just hope that on that day He will have mercy on her soul. Mercy she refuses to show to innocent unborn children when she butchers them as part of her “rewarding” and “legitimate” career. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go throw up. And wash my hands a few times.

And pray.

Read Abortion Practitioner Writes of Doing Abortions While Pregnant With Unborn Baby at LifeNews. Then read the article posted on the blog at Abortioneers. And then read this article on the same blog, where the author (not Lisa Harris, but the blog author) offers this nugget of wisdom about abortion and sex selection in countries like India and China:

Sex selection is, by and large, a product of inveterate cultural institutions that value men over women. It’s not an institution to be demonized so much as one to be understood and reconciled with human rights issues.

Not to be demonized? To be understood? To be reconciled with human rights issues? Excuse me?!

Or this one:

What kind of normal person would perform second trimester abortions?

None. Abortion docs, first tri or late term, are anything but normal. They are forerunners, they are fighters, they are feminists, they are fearless, they are few-and-far-between, they are lots of other things that begin with the letter f (alliteration not intended – really!). Above all, they are friends. Friends of women who need their help. Regardless of whether or not you consider abortions helpful, patients of abortion doctors do. And to these women, their providers are not normal people. They are heroes!

Alright, that’s it. I’m going to step outside in the parking lot now and scream. As Eleanor of Aquitaine asked of “good” King Henry in The Lion in Winter:

How, from where we started, did we ever reach this Christmas?

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