Religious Insitute declares that abortion is morally justifiable

How disgusting is it when religious leaders argue that murder is morally justifiable ever? Self-defense is justifiable, murder is not. Direct intentional killing of a defenseless, innocent, tiny baby is not self-defense, so how can it be morally justifiable?

Well, the writers of this “religious declaration” would have you believe that they have found a way to do just that and the declaration sets out to convince you. I’m reading it now. So far, I’m not convinced.

Read An Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Abortion as a Moral Decision.

(And when you throw up, be sure to face away from me. I’m still trying to clean off my shoes from a few minutes ago when I started reading it myself. Oy ve.)

2 thoughts on “Religious Insitute declares that abortion is morally justifiable

  1. Betty

    OMG! That is so hideous I cannot read it. It makes me sick to my stomach also. These so-callled religious leaders do not believe in God.
    Excuse me while I go throw up! [in the other room]


    1. Oh, but you must. Read it, that is, not throw up. And read the statement at the top of the second page of their open letter. No, really, read it. Here, I’ll just go ahead and quote it here. Get ready, you won’t believe it. And you shouldn’t believe it because what they say is a lie, a bald-faced lie.

      Scripture neither condemns nor prohibits abortion. It does, however, call us to act compassionately and justly when facing difficult moral decisions. Scriptural commitment to the most marginalized means that pregnancy, childbearing, and abortion should be safe for all women. Scriptural commitment to truth-telling means women must have accurate information as they make their decisions.

      I am so tired of this lie! Read my related post from back in May: The Bible says nothing about abortion, oh really?


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