Today’s prayer intention for the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil

Today’s prayer intention in the 40 Days for Life devotional is something that I wish more people would think about, seriously think about and pray about for even a few minutes as the members of Congress consider the legislation before them, legislation that can help millions of people. Or do irreparable harm to millions. The choice to send these people to Washington was our choice. The choice to pass legislation is theirs, for good or ill. May we all make choices that we can live with. And that others, whose lives are in our hands, can live with too.

May the King of the Universe, who entered this world as a helpless infant, give us the humility to be healed. — Kevin Burke, Executive Director of Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries

Get involved with the 40 Days for Life 2009 campaign. It’s not too late! Check out their blog too for news and updates on the campaign.

Lord Jesus, Son of the living God, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

2 thoughts on “Today’s prayer intention for the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil

    1. Hey, Luce, I just saw this on your blog and have it open in another tab to read. I’ve noticed a lot of illogic among abortion doctors. And abortion advocates, in general. You know, if you reject Truth and Light, you end up in Lies and Darkness. Shouldn’t surprise us. But sometimes it is hard to listen to all the hate, I agree. Hard to realize that much hatred really exists and that so much hatred can be in one person. I heard once that, just as we are members of the Body of Christ, and that multiplies the good we do infinitely, so do evil-doers participate in a body of Satan and so the evil they do is multiplied too.

      A sobering thought, is it not?

      I’m sharing a link with you too. In this post, I blogged about a “doctor” who called the pro-life movement a collective psychosis, a disease. I quote him in the post. Read it. It’s brief. And sick almost beyond belief. Almost. I’ve come to realize that there is indeed a collective psychosis alive in our land. And it’s resulting in a culture of death!


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