Scott Hahn Online Bible Study Courses and they are free

Updated, Oct 26 2012

I moved the list of Scott Hahn Bible study audio off of this post page and onto its own resource page to make it easier to maintain and update. Please see Audio Bible Study Free Courses from Scott Hahn.

Also see Resources > Audio Free and Catholic > for more from Scott Hahn and other great teachers, speakers and writers. I add to the resource pages as I find things and as I find time.

23 thoughts on “Scott Hahn Online Bible Study Courses and they are free

    1. You’ll have to use the links to go to the website where these courses are offered, Desmond. Then you register your email & info with them once (not for each course) & you’ll be good to go.

      Btw, I am not in any way affiliated with these sites, materials, producers, or providers I’m sharing. I’m merely someone who thinks highly of Dr. Hahn et al & enjoys letting others know where they can find out more.

      God bless you, Desmond. :)


    2. Aron Tambala

      The articles produced are very educational. Please help identify for the software that is used in US high schools for Catholic education study program.
      I wish to purchase it to teach in high schools here in my country too.


      1. Thanks for the kind words. I have no idea what to tell you about software used in US high schools, though. I have personally used Verbum Catholic Study software. The app is free but the libraries are not inexpensive, and there is a learning curve. A lot of it is not intuitive, but there are training videos available and forums, too. I can’t offer you any personal help with software, though. Thanks, Aron, for reading and commenting!


  1. richard doyle

    Dear Scott and Wife Kimberly,

    I have built a website on the New Testament and I would like to receive comments on this new vision of passages and structures.

    It is daring to try to understand the spirituality of Christ by using the fundamentals resources of our faith in this kind of numerical application.

    For me, I find very important discoveries that could help us to love the scriptures.

    Could you please try to catch something to share with me?

    New website : [URL removed]

    God Bless!!!


    1. Hi, Richard. My blog is my own personal site & neither Scott nor Kimberly Hahn have anything at all to do with it. If you wish to contact them, please do so directly. Thank you for your visit.


    1. [I posted a reply here a few moments ago but it was a reply to a different comment. On a different post! Sorry about that. My bad.] Hi, David! If you click the link in the post, it will take you to a post with more details about the courses, including links to Dr. Hahn’s site where you will find the answer to your question and where you can sign up for the free courses and download the audio files. Most courses have several audio files in MP3 format, often 7 or 8 or so. Thanks for inquiring and may the Lord bless you on your journey. Peace be with you.


  2. melissa

    It’s amazing how different things in this world can lead us away from the Truth. For a long time I was doing this very same thing, I would go on-line and read or even look up Church beliefs, because I had it in my head that the Catholic Church was not for me. But someone told me that this was an attack of the enemy, and that I should not go by no one’s opinion, but to find out myself and let the Lord direct my path.
    Believeth the Lord! He will guide you!


    1. Greetings, Melissa! Yeah, we can easily be led astray or lead ourselves astray. I’ve been reading “A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23” by W Phillip Keller and I see my own silly stubborn sheep self shown oh so clearly in those pages. (It’s not Catholic and he doesn’t talk much about the Church’s role, but it’s still a really good book.) Thank God, He (God, that is) got my attention and drew me home to the Catholic Church all those years ago! And thank you for reading and commenting, Melissa. Peace be with you.


  3. Senshi Sen

    I was a Catholic, but then I began to actually read the Bible;e and saw that Catholic is a religion, and follows the Pope instead of Jesus. My eyes have be opened up and I am no longer a Catholic, but I am a Christ Follower.


    1. There are some rather serious accusations in your comment, and no small amount of error. But I am glad that you are trying to follow Christ. I follow Him too. That is why I am so grateful that He gave us His Church to help us. Our God is a merciful and loving God and He knows His children well.

      Peace be with you, Senshi Sen. May the Lord draw you ever closer to Him. All the way home. God bless you.

      Disciple (and that’s Disciple of Christ, btw). :)


    2. Barry

      The Church is the body of Christ. The Church has compiled the bible by its faithful prayer and consideration. I am a convert TO Catholic Christianity. When someone points at others claiming they are invalid, that’s a very judgemental insult, not a Christ-like act.
      Through the sacraments Jesus remains among us from his apostolic succesion which is broken when you break from Jesus love and forgiveness.


      1. Greetings, Barry :) Welcome home, btw. I love being Catholic. Don’t you just love being Catholic? Best thing in my entire life. I love Christ and His Church and the two go together. I’m glad you heard and answered the call to come home. :)

        I would like to point out, however, that pointing at something that actually is invalid, and saying so, is not an un-Christ-like act but very Christ-like. Pointing out something that actually is valid, though, and calling it invalid, well, that would be error and possibly leading others into error and that would definitely be un-Chrsit-like.

        If the Church were not truly the Church Christ founded, I would be grateful to someone for pointing it out to me. Of course, since the Church is the Church Christ founded, I am grateful to a certain someone for pointing that out to me. If Christ is Who He said He is, then the Church is who she says she is. I don’t see how some folks want to insist on having one without the other. I reckon they’re just a wee bit confused and haven’t read the Bible quite as closely as they’ve claimed.

        Peace be with you, Barry, and, again, welcome home! :D


    3. I have found through studying the Bible with an open heart and mind, that the Catholic Church is the only and true Church founded by Jesus Christ. I have heard all of the propaganda and most of the protestant teachers, and I know some have a good heart and really believe what they are teaching but most are out to have their pockets full, so beware. Catholics are more into Jesus and the Bible than any other group I have ever heard of and I have heard them all. In fact, your Bible came from the Catholic Church, except for the books Luther threw out and he tried to throw out Hebrews, James, and Revelation. What kind of a reformer was he?


  4. Me, either, Dawn. Unless I’m in a mood to argue with the television set, that is. Mostly I just don’t have time to waste on it. I’m trying to learn more about the truth and life is too short to wander down blind alleys, especially when I have no reason to expect to find even a sliver of light or truth there at all.

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Dawn. May the Lord bless you as you journey toward Him each and every day. Peace be with you.

    Disciple :)


  5. Dawn

    The above is so true. When I have watched anything on those channels regarding the Church and Jesus, it nearly always has a negative slant to it. I don’t watch them anymore.


    1. Greetings, Peter :)

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post about Scott Hahn. But I wouldn’t trust much Church “history” that I saw on the History, Discovery, A&E, or National Geographic Channels. They are not usually sympathetic nor are they unprejudiced when it comes to Christianity and the Church. Especially the shows Banned from the Bible and The Lost Gospels that you listed on your site. I’ve noticed over the years that all of these channels present the Church in as negative a light as they can.

      Look at the commentators they choose for their shows. Do you ever see Scott Hahn, Mike Aquilina, Tim Gray, Patrick Madrid (to mention only a handful of names of good solid Catholic apologists) or a Catholic priest or bishop who is faithful to the Magisterium? No, they pick folks from the Jesus Seminar, people looking for the s0-called “historical” Jesus and pretty much mock the Jesus of faith. There’s plenty of material out there written by reputable and faithful Catholics if you truly want to learn more about Catholic Christianity, the Church and the Bible. Scott Hahn would be a great one to refer to. Leave those TV hucksters to the nonbelievers and “de-mytholigizers” they cater to.

      Peace be with you, Peter. May Christ shed His Light on your path to light your way on your journey to God.

      Disciple :)


      1. My family and I are going to ditto what you say about the history channe. As the original poster said, it looks so interesting, then as catechists we hear something goofy, of course we then see the worrisome look on each other’s faces. “They’re not really portraying that correctly or fairly.”
        Reminds me a bit of what would be on forbidden books (or tv shows :-/) pre Vatican II
        You could read the book if you had permission from an authority figure i.e. Bishop
        As he would know that you had the wisdom or not to separate the nonsense from the truth.
        God bless you for this site. My mother is in bed more and more, we were looking for a free bible study and I LOVE SCOTT HAHN. I’ve given his books for gifts every year.


  6. LUCY

    Hello Dr Scott Hahn, i am very happy i was able to go to your website. I am a fan of yours and it started when my husband bought me your book Rome sweet home and i read it. I also watch you on EWTN. My husband became catholic about 10years ago and I joined him much later. I still have lots of questions about the church but since i now have access to your website i will be bombarding you with these questions. Please continue to pray for us. Keep up the good work and God bless you.


    1. Hello, Lucy. I hate to break it to you but Dr. Hahn has absolutely nothing to do with this website. You can find him at his own site, or at, okay? Glad to hear you are a fan of his; I am too! I’m going to see him in March when he comes to Birmingham to speak at a university. Woohoo! I’m excited. I hope you get in touch with him. Welcome home to the Church, both you and your hubby! Peace be with you! :)


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