Fancier shmancier and still not getting my writing done

Update, Aug 21 2009: (I added a screencap of my feedreader for anybody who wonders what the heck I’m talking about in this post.) Made some changes to the blog. I think the entries feed will show the full posts if you subscribe to the FeedBurner one and not the one that WordPress automatically generates. I think. Added a feed for comments in anticipation of thousands of responses. Okay, maybe not, but it seemed like a good idea, so I did it. And I added a link so you can get updates in your email because we just don’t get enough email these days, do we?

I dont even have to click a button to get all the latest news from all my favorite blogs.
I don't even have to click a button to get all the latest news from all my favorite blogs.

And I also recently added a Q&A page where you can ask me a question and I can run away and hide behind the couch and pretend I didn’t see it. Or find somebody who can answer it for me. Then take credit for it. And believe it or not, after wasting all this time stalling and not writing, I actually have been thinking about the writing I was supposed to be doing all this time. Sigh.

Oh, and in case you’re like I once was too and right now you’re wondering what a feed is, I found a page that explains it. It’s basically a way to keep up with a blog’s posts without actually having to trouble yourself to go to the blog and look at it. You can subscribe to feeds in a reader or your browser and view lots and lots and oodles of blogs without having to go to lots and lots and oodles of blogs. Trust me, it can be real heandy when you get used to it because all you have to do is click “Update all feeds” to, well, update all your feeds, quick, fast and in a hurry! RSSOwl is a little feed reader I’ve used for a few years. And FeedDemon, one I’ve only recently started using, just to compare. I like ’em both. Maybe you will too. Who knows?

2 thoughts on “Fancier shmancier and still not getting my writing done

  1. Hey one thing you do need to do is set it so that your URL is your blog. I can’t click on your name to come to your blog from a comment (not a problem cause I have it bookmarked–but you might get some extra traffic that way).

    I’m going to try to set up all this fancy shmancy stuff myself with your tutorial. No guarantees.


    1. Disciple

      Yeah, it’s funny, when I’m logged in, it doesn’t show my URL because I’m the author of the posts on my blog and didn’t want it to show my URL every time. But now that I’m commenting on other people’s blogs, I guess it would be a good thing to change, huh? I’ll do that. Thanks! :)


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