Divine Mercy and abortion, prayer cards with special papal blessing

I mentioned in an earlier post that I discovered a special papal blessing given by Pope John Paul II back in 2003 to the Eucharistic Apostles of Divine Mercy and all the faithful who would pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy to end abortion and the culture of death, with 5 special intentions the Pope offered. I’ve been spreading the word to every Catholic I’ve talked to, and so far, none have heard of it before. I spent some time tonight (after I said I was going home after my last post) doing a web search for “Divine Mercy and the abortion connection”. What did I find? Well, one of my posts was listed on the search results, but not the actual specific post about the blessing. But I did (finally) find this interesting tidbit.

Prayer cards with the pro-life Papal Blessing on the front and the Divine Mercy Chaplet on the reverse can be ordered (code PLPC) online or by calling the Marian Helpers at 1-800-462-7426.

Well, that’s nice to know. That means I don’t have to keep printing out the flyers I’ve been handing out. I can just call up and order these cards. I hope. I hope they still offer them. I’ll look into it this week and I’ll write about what I found out here. (You know, you wouldn’t think it would be so hard to find out about this. You’d think Catholics would be shouting it from the rooftops, but, nope, I’m having to dig for it, instead.)

And I just found this too: the actual text of the blessing with an image in jpg format on the same page.

Okay, now I really am going home to do laundry and read. And sleep! Peace be with you.

Read more about the Divine Mercy Devotion and the abortion connection.

4 thoughts on “Divine Mercy and abortion, prayer cards with special papal blessing

  1. Oh yeah, I’m a new breed of catechist. =P We don’t sing Kumbaya and we don’t sit around making crafts that show how small the world is. We talk about the Real Presence, we read the Bible and we talk about the Magisterium teachings of the Church.

    When we talked about the 10 Commandments, I said, some of you guys are thinking, “well, *I’ll never kill anyone!” but the fact is, more of you than you would expect will face either your own or a girlfriend or a friend or relative’s unplanned pregnancy, and if you participate, advise or help obtain an abortion ….

    We talk moral relativism alot. We talk about how one better decide what one believes now and start firming it up because there is a whole world out there that wants to change your mind.

    We do discernment exercises to practice listening to God and His will for each of us.

    We do a lot of challenging things. :-) But yeah…there was a very upset parent when I gave the description of the partial birth abortion. As 8th Graders, they have had the public school sex ed class, which the mom didn’t opt out of, but apparently explaining the procedure of a partial birth abortion, without emphasizing the gory details, is too much to handle.

    Because the Truth is to be hidden and shunned, while we dress up this “Woman’s Right” as a pretty plastic doll.


    1. Wow! Yep, you’re a different breed from what I’ve seen, yep, you sure are! The old Irish priest who gave me instruction was great, but I’ve had friends who were not so blessed. I’ve had to argue against catechists and I don’t enjoy doing that but I feel that I have an obligation to do it. Inquirers deserve the truth. And the Lord deserves to have His truth taught.

      I will add you to my prayer list, Luce. I pray for priests (and all who teach the faith) and I’m working on developing that habit of doing that every single day.

      I think your discernment exercises sound great. Hey, isn’t the RCIA supposed to be a time of FORMATION anyway? Sounds like you understand that. Would that more instructors would!! Oh, wait, you’re not doing the RCIA…Have you thought about doing that too? =)


    1. Hi, Luce :)

      I haven’t seen that link before; I’ll go look. And now you must tell me what happened during (and after) the conversation in your Catechism class. (Don’t get me started about catechists and the RCIA, etc. I’m sure you are one of the faithful ones who takes handing on the faith seriously; unfortunately, many of your counterparts are not so devoted.)


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