Today at the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil

I was at the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil outside the abortion mill today when a little yellow cat ran across the street and into the clinic parking lot. He looked very skinny and the noise of every passing car made him jump. I called to him and he came over to me, meowing all the way. (Photos below. Click the images to view larger ones.)

Our new mascot, Yellow Cat
Our prayer vigil has a new mascot

He’s so cute and he was so hungry (and jumped so at every loud noise) that I’m a little worried he may be lost. So I took more photos of him to show around to folks. He’s missing part of his tail, that should make him easier to identify.

Close-up of our new mascot, Yellow Cat
Close-up of our new mascot, Yellow Cat

After he ate one and half cans of Friskies (salmon flavor), he asked us what we were doing hanging around out on the street. We told him about the prayer vigil and why we were having a prayer vigil. I have to admit, he was more surprised than I thought he’d be. Seems he hasn’t been keeping up with the news lately and had no idea all this was going on. I’m afraid his faith in humanity was somewhat shaken by our revelation.

Yellow Cat takes action upon learning of abortion
Yellow Cat takes action upon learning of abortion

I hope Yellow Cat won’t be there tomorrow because I hope he’ll have found his way home. But if he is there, I still have three more cans of good ol’ canned food for him. It was a pretty quiet day down there today, while I was there, anyway. Kind of subdued. Not us, we were praying as usual. But the staff seemed subdued. No one poked fun at us or made snide remarks or whistled or sang as they passed by us. The staffer who parks her van in front of our sign left the clinic for a while. When she came back, she parked in their parking lot instead of on the street, at the end of the building. Our sign could be seen very well from the entrance/exit of the clinic since one of our number had the marvelous idea of turning it around to face the clinic instead of the street.

After everyone else left I was alone for about an hour. I prayed the Rosary and the Divine Mercy, over and over. At one point a car drove up into the parking lot. A young woman got out and went in the clinic, a young man stayed in the car and kept the engine running. A few minutes later she came out again and got into the car. They drove out of the parking lot and they drove slowly down the street, past our banner and past me as I continued to pray, rosary dangling from my hands.

I looked up as the car past me and saw her face in the passenger window, her gaunt expression, sad eyes. Our banner was turned facing the clinic and the back of it is blank. But someone had clipped some 40 Days for Life signs to the back of the banner and these were the signs that held the girl’s gaze as I gazed upon her, praying for her, begging the Blessed Mother to intercede for her, for the man who accompanied her, for the baby she may be carrying, for their well-being, for their souls, for the help they may need, for the conversion of their hearts and minds, for the life of all of them, for the eternal life God longs to give them. I pray for that girl and thousands, millions like her all over the world, each and every day and all through the day and each and every night.

Lord Jesus, son of David and Son of the Living God, have mercy on us and on the whole world. O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to heaven, especially those most in need of Thy mercy.

2 thoughts on “Today at the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil

    1. I do go just about every day, yes, because I’m not holding down a job and I’m not a student, so my time is pretty much my own. I’m free to give more time so I do. I know not everybody is free to do that, so I’m there to cover slots that are open on our vigil schedule when I can. I had an interesting experience today, well, every day. I’ll do some writing, then I’ll check out your new post, JW. And thank you for being there. God bless you richly for participating. I know He has done so for me. Richly, indeed.

      Peace be with you, JW.


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