Did you know that there is a connection between the Divine Mercy Devotion and abortion?

Divine Mercy

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know about it. I’ve been sharing this message with people since the fall of 2009 when I first read about it and no one I’ve talked to has ever heard of it before I told them. There is an explicit link between the message given to Saint Faustina, the Devotion to the Divine Mercy, and the sin of abortion. I had read the Diary, Divine Mercy in my Soul, and I didn’t remember seeing it. But it’s there. And there is a special Apostolic Blessing from Pope John Paul II for those who pray the Chaplet to end abortion, and also five special intentions to be used. Did you know any of that?

See the Divine Mercy and Abortion page, added tonight, March 1 2012. And, please, share this with your friends, family and priests! All Catholics should know this!

Divine Mercy and abortion, prayer cards with special papal blessing

I mentioned in an earlier post that I discovered a special papal blessing given by Pope John Paul II back in 2003 to the Eucharistic Apostles of Divine Mercy and all the faithful who would pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy to end abortion and the culture of death, with 5 special intentions the Pope offered. I’ve been spreading the word to every Catholic I’ve talked to, and so far, none have heard of it before. I spent some time tonight (after I said I was going home after my last post) doing a web search for “Divine Mercy and the abortion connection”. What did I find? Well, one of my posts was listed on the search results, but not the actual specific post about the blessing. But I did (finally) find this interesting tidbit. Continue reading “Divine Mercy and abortion, prayer cards with special papal blessing”

Special papal blessing by JPII, Divine Mercy for end of abortion

Over the past weeks I’ve spoken or written to lots of Catholics about the special papal blessing that Pope John Paul II signed for all the faithful who would recite the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy for the end of abortion and the culture of death. So far no one I’ve talked to knew about this special blessing beforehand and no one knew of the special intentions that the Pope suggested. After I emailed a copy of Fr. Frank Pavone’s column (linked above) to a fellow prayer vigil attendee, she pointed out to me that there happen to be five intentions, Continue reading “Special papal blessing by JPII, Divine Mercy for end of abortion”