Monday and migraine, not a good combination

+JMJ+ Due to having a migraine affecting, among other things, my vision, Monday’s post will not appear tonight but hopefully will return next Monday. Even posting this brief update has been a struggle. (Hopefully Thursday’s post will proceed as planned.) So I can’t even read, much less write. Argh. At least I’m not experiencing the usual numbness in my fingers or the language difficulty (not much, anyway) that so often accompany my migraines. Prayers appreciated! Thank you! Below is a video that shows something like what I see during a migraine. Not exactly but similar. 

Video: A visual aura associated with a migraine. From the Mayo Clinic.

Thanks for visiting the blog and reading. I pray that you and I will stay holy and virtuous this Easter season, and may we become who the Lord intends us to be: SAINTS. Pray for me, and know that I pray for you. God bless you and may His Peace be with you during this Holy Week and always. +JMJ+ 

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“The Rosary is the ‘weapon’ for these times.” — Padre Pio

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Image credit: Frame from a video about migraines, Mayo.

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10 thoughts on “Monday and migraine, not a good combination

  1. Hi Lee, With ocular migraines, I see the curve of light flashing, but not the blur. So sorry you have this condition. I only endure these ocular migraines twice a year, for the past 7 years. I feel terrible you suffer migraines more often. For me, I just discovered that a glass of wine & some chocolate makes them go away within minutes, whereas I used to endure them for hours. Hope you find some specialized relief. A friend takes some kind of prescription for hers, the name evades me at the moment of whatever pill this is….


    1. Hey, Kar! 👋🏻 Yeah, migraines are the worst. But I don’t get a blur, though that image look like one. It’a hard to describe and harder to show, but what I get is a spot where nothing is. I mean, I can see peripherally, but in the center of my vision every simply disappears. It is the weirdest thing. The first time I experienced it I freaked. Not that anyone would have known to see me, but inwardly I was definitely alarmed. From 1973 until 1990 something I had no idea what they were. After I found Sacks’s book I told a doctor who prescribed Midrin. It helped but I didn’t always have insurance or money either, so mostly I’ve just dealt with them on my own. I rarely have them these days. I was totally surprised when it happened this time, well, these last two. I used to drink OJ to make them go away if I caught them early enough. But that aggravates my acid reflux now. Sigh. My body has turned against me in these my senior years. Oh, well. Now that I’m paying through the nose for Medicare I should see about getting some prescriptions for my ailments, yes? 😁


      1. Hey Lee, I will ask my friend what she takes. She’s been plagued w/ typical migraines all her life, but said she has trouble getting the medication (whatever it is) and practically has to beg for it. I only had one typical migraine in ’92, didn’t know what was happening with the pain, nausea, head pounding, blinding lights. Went to a doc who kinda laughed & said, “That was a migraine–you may or may not suffer one again, probably stress.” Never had one again, until 7 yrs ago when these ocular migraines started with that orb-like flashing similar to a curved venetian blind opening & closing on speed. Had my son drive me to ER, but was so crowded, we left. Went to my eye doc instead who told me what it was & said not to worry about it, they are not a sign of anything more ominous. Just don’t drive, relax, it’ll go away. First time took 3 hours to subside, next time, an hour. Now they disappear after about 20 minutes, but that’s when I pour a glass of wine which, for some reason, makes it go away. So it must be stress related. As Bette Davis once said, “Getting old is not for wusses.” I know, my dear, it’s always something failing us physically. As my father said of D-Day while invading Omaha Beach, “We just kept going!” And that’s what I say to myself when another ailment presents itself….”just keep going…” You don’t like to accept praise, but you truly do so much. I could never manage the Rosary Project, and yet I used to be a programmer! I marvel how well you execute that every Friday, and you used to do it nightly! SO much appreciated by many of us. Hang in there–and just keep going. I will find out the med my friend takes as soon as I can reach her. She’s still working, so it’s a crap shoot making contact. PS: I can’t drink OJ either, am also plagued by acid reflux. But discovered that if I eat before 4pm, more protein, it won’t bother me late at night which it has for years. Then I’ll take a charcoal caplet, which helps. So hang in there. We love you!!! God Bless.
        Will write again when I find out the med name…. Your admirer & friend in Christ, Kar


        1. Don’t sweat it about the med name, Kar. I don’t need another med, especially for something that doesn’t affect me any more than these migraines do these days. I honestly don’t have them even yearly anymore. Midrin is what I have taken in the past, only because the doctor had samples. ;) Btw, re handling the Rosary Project: took me a while to develop a way to do it. But I’m kinda good at doing that kind of thing, figuring out what needs to be done, finding a way to do it. Most of the time. Some of the time. ;) But programming? Nope. Does not compute. LOL. That is beyond me. I’m in awe of those who can do such things. :)


          1. Nah, programming is just coding. Am a speed typist, used to play the flute (in band & orchestra & in a 1974 Vatican II-type folk Mass!) & trained in shorthand, so coding was just another evolved thing. But you must have to cut & paste in a timely manner, which would make me nervous knowing ppl are waiting on the other end! When you’re coding or transcribing shorthand, people leave you alone because they don’t know where you are AT in your work. But you’re on a timely target with the Rosary, which WOULD probably give me a migraine thinking of the ppl waiting with bated breath for the next upload, lol. Hey Lee, I just spoke to the friend at work, she pronounced the med name for me phonetically, so what I got out of that is: Ucalbatol. Does that sound familiar? Said she used to take Midrin, but has more luck with this, which I think is something newer? She’s on Medicare, but says she uses Good RX for a better price. Don’t know about that, either, but hope this is somewhat helpful because WE NEED YOU HEALTHY!! No one does the Rosary better than you my friend, in my humble opinion. Not even Mother Angelica, who I loved. But was FAR too slow, and didn’t like the overly-modern pics they show as if from 1970. I was so lucky to find you. There are other rosary groups online, but you are THE BEST. So stay strong, stay healthy, and just keep going. I will too. May God Bless you every day, Lee!


            1. –“But you must have to cut & paste in a timely manner, which would make me nervous knowing ppl are waiting on the other end!”

              Oh, you have no idea! When I first began this project, I had no idea what I was doing. Learning it on the fly, making it up as I went along. I thought I had everything I needed that first time, learned right quick that I did not. LOL. Discovered things I’d missed or had gotten wrong or needed to do differently every time I posted the threads. Until one day it mostly worked.

              I used to break out into a cold sweat when I made a mistake. Just froze, deer in the headlights froze. Hahaha! Now I just say, Oh, look, that’s wrong, lemme fix it, and then I go on. LOL.

              As for the migraine medicine, as I said before, I don’t need pills for something that may happen once a year or two or three. I don’t have them much anymore and I know how to handle them. If they start occurring more often, I’ll get with my doctor about it. I have to run stuff by him because of my sarcoidosis anyway. But prayers are most welcome. :)

              Thanks for the very kind words about the Rosary Project. ❤️🙏🏻 I observe how other people do theirs and take notes and see how it applies to what I’m trying to do, so it’s a matter of standing on the shoulders of giants, as it were. If they hadn’t been there with their projects, I wouldn’t be here with mine now. Hope to see you at tonight’s Twitter Rosary. :)

              Talk to ya later, Kar! God bless you, dear sister! And thanks for the moral support!

              Lee :)

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  2. My Lovely Lee, YOU are the bravest woman I know! You have a multiplicity of severe medical issues, among them the plague of migraines, yet YOU also accomplish more than any other woman I know, including those who have never had a single medical problem, including the common cold, well into advanced age.

    May this thought comfort you as you fight this one-person battle against a fierce enemy: YOUR accomplishments save souls! Love, Joan

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    1. I don’t know that I can say I have a multiplicity of severe medical issues, but the ones I do have (really, the sarcoidosis is the main thing) are bad enough, I suppose. You always give me too much credit, dear sister, way more than I deserve. WAY more. To God be the glory. Amen. Thanks for reading. I appreciate ya. :)

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