Blogger calls for his fellow atheists to take over Catholic Answers Live radio show

Just found this post while searching for a particular Catholic Answers Live radio show to download and thought it was…interesting. It’s by someone using the name “DanielDonuts” on one of Richard Dawkins’ “content and discussion” forums at richarddawkinsDOTnet/discussions/644049-catholic-answers-live-with-sean-faircloth

I think it is time for atheists to take over this show:

Yesterday they had a show called Deconstructing Atheism.

Sean Faircloth called in and for quite some time debated a so-called former atheist turned Catholic named Edward Feser. On an almost daily basis this radio show spews hatred towards atheists – yesterday, for example, by saying that “sin darkens the intellect and makes you stupid”, i.e. implying that atheists are only atheists because of our “sin”. And Feser called RD a “loud mouth ignoramous”.

Every day this show could be inundated with atheist callers. Their phone number is 1-888-31TRUTH, they are on every weekday from 6-8 pm EST.

Daniel, I hope you call in and that your fellow atheists take you up on your idea. I would love for you (and them) to call in. And just so you know, they weren’t making it up when they said that sin darkens the intellect, along with weakening the will. The Church has been teaching that for longer than any of us here now have even been alive. Well, longer than that, even. Since New Testament times. (See Ephesians 4:18.) Nothing new, though most people may not be used to hearing it. Or any other Church doctrine, for that matter. A sign of the time. But this teaching is not one of hate. Far from it. Like a physician, the Church is saying this is a state of ill health and can be remedied.

Take, for example, those who do drugs for years. That has an effect on them, their health suffers, they lose touch with reality, they may lose everything, even their lives. Sin is like that. It has an effect on us, leading eventually to spiritual death if we don’t get free of it, just like the person on drugs is likely to meet with physical death if he doesn’t get free of the drugs and get healthy again. And it usually requires an entire change of lifestyle in both cases. It can take years to repair the damage done by sin and/or addiction and all the damage may not ever really be repaired even by the end of our lives.

I know that my own sins made me pretty stupid (and ill) for a long time. But the hope of healing was real and so was the remedy. And it still is, and the good news is, it’s available, free of charge, to everyone. Absolutely free. (We don’t even tithe. Nope. We don’t. Nada. Some Catholics choose to. Some don’t, probably most don’t. But even then, that would be members of a parish, and not inquirers or those seeking and receiving instruction.)

So, please, do call in. If you think Catholicism is a lie and that you have the truth, wouldn’t you almost have an obligation to call in to enlighten the poor deceived people on or listening to the show? If Catholicism is not a lie but is the truth, wouldn’t you want to know it? Isn’t the main thing you’re after the truth, after all?

2 thoughts on “Blogger calls for his fellow atheists to take over Catholic Answers Live radio show

  1. Hello there, Mr. Coffin! I’ve heard you on the radio many times, honored to have you comment on the blog. :) Even if you did have me checking the spelling in my post over and over to see if I had misspelled it. ;) And, yeah, just what is a so-called former ex-atheist? A believer? A so-called believer? No, wait, that’s wrong. I’ll try again. An atheist who was an atheist who stopped being an atheist but then stopped not being an atheist and is now an…uh…What was I saying? ;)


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