Re-Reading the New Age, Part 1: Education, Bailey-Style

+JMJ+ In keeping with my new old schedule—On the Soul series Thursday, various and sundry on Monday—I’ll be posting my re-read of New Age books series here on Mondays. (Maybe I should subtitle it: If I’d only known then what I know now. And just so you know, this spot won’t be taken up completely with warnings about the New Age. I do post about other stuff, too. I already have some other post ideas that I’ve been meaning to work on.) As usual, notes and links are at the end of this post.

I chose Alice Bailey’s Education in the New Age (1) as my first re-read, but her books overlap so much and are so intertwined with each other, I may have to read the others (at least some of some of them) to understand any of them. I wouldn’t put so much time and energy into it if I didn’t feel that I owe it to those who learned about Bailey from me to begin with. And I owe it bigtime to the Lord for leading people away from Him into the false teachings of the New Age. The more I see the New Age becoming more mainstream, the more I realize how important it is to expose it. (2) 

Now I’m not saying any of this with breathless hysterics, seeing bogeymen behind every event or group. But I do see what I do see and I have an obligation to pass that on to others. So on with it then. 

Re-Reading the New Age, Part 1: Education in the New Age

“We are laying the foundation for the emergence of a new species of human being—a more highly evolved unit within the human family…”

Education in the New Age, Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Trust, 1954 and 1982, page 14, in the chapter entitled The Objective of the New Education under the heading of Theory, Methods and Goals.

Bailey is right up front about her methods and goals. And some of those who take her as their inspiration are up front about it, too. She takes as her starting point that there is an elite group of “masters” in charge of this world and leading it from behind the scenes along its evolutionary path. (Oh, good, that’s a relief. I was afraid we only had God to rely on. Oy.) These “masters” (“of the ageless wisdom”) live (where else?) in the Himalayas. The ascended master Djwal Khul, the Tibetan, is purported to be the teacher speaking through Alice Bailey in her twenty four main books. 

Bailey/Djwal Khul says the objective of this work on the new education is to “elucidate the culural unfoldment of the race and to consider the next step to be taken in the mental development of humanity” and “There must be a spiritual future indicated.”

Now this word “spiritual” does not mean what we as Catholics mean by it. It does “not refer to religious matters, so-called.” 

“All activity which drives the human being forward towards some form of development—physical, emotional, mental, intuitional, social—if it is in advance of his present state is essentially spiritual in nature and is indicative of the livingness of the inner divine entity.”

Ibid., pg 1.

This is an odd way of viewing the spiritual, with no mention of the spirit other than this false idea of the “inner divine entity.”

“The spirit of man is undying: it forever endures, progressing from point to point and stage to stage upon the Path of Evolution, unfolding itself steadily and sequentially the divine attributes and aspects.”

This is the yawning, er, um, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Ah, so we’re talking about the spirit of man, not the Spirit of God. That does make a difference.

Now the Tibetan goes on to discuss “three points of our general theme” and these are:

  • The Technique of the Education of the Future.
  • The Science of the Antahkarana, and
  • Methods of Building the Antahkarana.

The science of the Antahkarana is allegedly:

“…the mode of bridging the gap which exists in man s consciousness between the world of ordinary human experience, the threefold world of physical-emotional-mental functioning, and the higher levels of so-called spiritual development which is the world of ideas, of intuitive perception, of spiritual insight and understanding.”

Ibid., pg 2.

Of the methods of building the Antahkarana he says:

“This leads to the overcoming of the limitations—physical and psychological—which restrict man’s free expression of his innate divinity. Here we can only prepare the ground for this third point because the subject involves advanced meditation practices which must be approached gradually. I have dealt with meditation in my other books.”


And this will mean wading through the other books in the set. I’ll do that and make notes to share here. Back to the book.

He shares some propositions for developments in education. (These propositions, numbered 1-8, are quoted from pages 2-7.)

  1. Education has been “occupied with the art of synthesising past history, past achievement in all departments of human thought and with the attain ments to date of human knowledge. It has dealt with those forms of science which the past has evolved. It is primarily backward-looking and not forward-looking. 
  2. Education has concerned itself primarily with the organising of the lower mind, and a child’s calibre has been largely gauged by its reaction to accumulated information (where education is concerned), collated and collected data, sequentially handed out, digested and arranged so as to equip the child to compete with the information which other people possess.
  3. Education to date has been largely memory training, though there is now emerging the recognition that this attitude must end. The child has to assimilate the facts that the race believes to be true, has tested in the past and found adequate. But each age has a differing standard of adequacy. The Piscean Age dealt with the detail of the endeavour to measure up to a sensed ideal. Hence we have a history which covers the method whereby tribes acquired national status through aggression, war and conquest. That has been indicative of racial achievement.
  4. Education is more than memory training and more than informing a child or student as to the past and its achievements. Education in volves more than the investigation of a subject and the forming of subsequent conclusions leading to hypotheses which, in their own turn, lead to still more investigation and conclusions. Education is more than a sincere effort to fit a child or adult to be a good citizen, an intelligent parent and no charge upon the state. It has a far wider application than producing a human being who will be a commercial asset and not a commercial liability. Education has other objectives than rendering life enjoyable and so enabling men and women to achieve a culture which will permit them to participate with interest in all that transpires in the three worlds of human affairs. It is all the above, but should also be much more.
  5. Education has three major objectives, from the angle of human development:
    • First, as has been grasped by many, it must make a man an intelligent citizen, a wise parent, and a controlled personality; it must enable him to play his part in the work of the world and fit him for living peaceably and helpfully and in harmony with his neighbours.
    • Second, it must enable him to bridge the gap between the various aspects of his own mental nature, and herein lies the major emphasis of the instructions which I am now purposing to give you.
    • The gap between the lower mind and the soul has to be bridged, and curiously enough humanity has always realised this and has talked therefore in terms of “achieving unity” or “making the at-one-ment” or “attaining alignment.”
  6. Education also should concern itself during the new age with the bridging of this gap between the three aspects of the mind nature: between the soul and the lower mind, thus producing at-one-ment between soul and personality; between the lower mind, the soul and the higher mind. For this the race is now ready, and for the first time in the career of humanity the bridging work can go forward on a relatively large scale.
  7. Education is therefore the Science of the Antahkarana. This science and this term is the esoteric way of expressing the truth of this bridging necessity. The antahkarana is the bridge the man builds—through meditation, understanding and the magical creative work of the soul—between the three aspects of his mind nature.
  8. The true education is consequently the science of linking up the integral parts of man, and also of linking him up in turn with his immediate environment, and then with the greater whole in which he has to play his part…If the astral (emotional) body is the centre of the personality life, then the objective of the educational process imposed upon the subject will be to make the mind nature the dominating factor…

“The conquests of science, the conquests of nations, and the conquests of territory are all indicative of the Piscean method, with its idealism, its militancy, and its separativeness in all fields—religious, political and economic. But the age of synthesis, of inclusiveness and of understanding is upon us, and the new education of the Aquarian Age must begin very gently to penetrate the human aura.”

Ibid., pg 3.

“It might be noted here that this entire exegesis of the mind and of the needed bridge building is but the practical demonstration of the truth of the occult aphorism that “before a man can tread the Path he must become that Path itself.” The antahkarana is the Path symbolically. This is one of the paradoxes of the esoteric science. Step by step and stage by stage, we construct that Path just as the spider spins its thread. It is that “way back” which we evolve out of ourselves; it is that Way which we also find and tread.”

Ibid., pg 7.

A more definite program

“In the first ten years of a child’s life he is taught to deal intelligently with information coming to him via the five senses to the brain. Observation, rapid response, and physical coordination as the result of intention, must be emphasised. The child must be taught to hear and see, to make contacts and to use judgment; and his fingers must then respond to creative impulses to make and produce what he sees and hears. Thus are laid the elements of the arts and crafts, of drawing and of music.” 

“In the next ten years the mind is definitely trained to become dominant. The child is taught to rationalise his emotional and desire impulses, and to discriminate the right from the wrong, the desirable from the undesirable, and the essential from the nonessential. This can be taught him through the medium of history and the intellectual train ing which the cycle of his life makes compulsory under the laws of the country in which he lives. A sense of values and of right standards is thus established.”

“At the age of seventeen the study of psychology will be added to the rest of the curriculum and the nature of the soul and its relation to the World Soul will be investigated. Meditation along suitable lines will be part of the curriculum. It should be noted here, however, that the re ligious implications of meditation are needless. Meditation is the process whereby the objective tendencies and out going impulses of the mind are thwarted, and it begins to be subjective, to focus and to intuit. This can be taught through the medium of deep thinking on any subject— mathematics, biology, and so forth.”

Ibid., pgs 8-9.

In the Aquarian Age all children will be studied in the following directions, from pages 10-11:

  1. Astrologically, to determine the life tendencies and the peculiar problem of the soul.
  2. Psychologically, supplementing the best of modern psychology with a knowledge of the Seven Ray types, which colours Eastern psychology (see pages 18-23) .
  3. Medically, with special attention to the endocrine system, plus the usual modern methods in relation to eyes, teeth and other physiological defects. The nature of the response apparatus will be carefully studied and developed.
  4. Vocationally, so as to place them later in life where their gifts and capacities may find fullest expression and enable them thus to fulfill their group obligations.
  5. Spiritually. By this I mean that the apparent age of the soul under consideration will be studied, and the place on the ladder of evolution will be approxi mately noted; mystical and introspective tendencies will be considered and their apparent lack noted.
  6. Coordination between:
  • Brain and the response apparatus in the outer world of phenomena,
  • Brain and desire impulses, plus emotional reactions,
  • Brain and mind and the world of thought,
  • Brain, mind and soul, will be carefully investigated so as to bring the entire equipment of the child, latent or developed, into functioning activity and to unify it into a whole.

More points: 

“First of all, in teaching children up to fourteen years of age, it is necessary to bear in mind that they are emotionally focussed. They need to feel, and rightly to feel beauty, strength and wisdom. They must not be expected to ration alise before that time, even if they show evidence of the power so to do.

“Secondly, an attempt should be made to approximate the child’s place upon the ladder of evolution by a study of his background, his physical equipment, the nature of his response apparatus with its varied reactions, and his major interests. This enquiry sets up a subjective rapport with the child which is far more potent in its results than would be months and months of strenuously used words in the effort to convey an idea.”

Ibid., pg 10-11.

And here we come to the main objective of this whole endeavor:

“We are passing through one of the great natural transitional periods at this time. We are laying the foundation for the emergence of a new species of human being—a more highly evolved unit within the human family—hence much of our problem, and much of the present failure to meet the demands of the race, and to measure up to human need for development.”

Ibid., pg 14. [Emphasis added.]

We are laying the foundation for the emergence of a new species of human being—a more highly evolved unit within the human family

Education in the New Age, by Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Trust, 1954, 1982, pg 14.

If you saw my recent post wherein I wrote about the idea for this new project, or phase of an ongoing project, you may have watched the video of Barbara Marx Hubbard (3) wherein she spoke of the coming of the new species of man, what she called Homo Amore Universalis.  Some of her fans leave out the word Amore when they talk about it. Interesting. I have to tell you, I thought that video was creepy.

That’s it for this edition of Re-Reading the New Age. Thank you for hanging in there with me as I lay some groundwork. Honestly, I haven’t thought about this stuff for so long, I’m having to re-learn as I re-read, that’s one reason I’m pulling so many quotes. I’m planning for later posts in the series to not rely quite so heavily on quotes. I got another idea for a related project while I was typing this up tonight. I’ll tell you more about that later after I think about it some more. Until next time, whoever and wherever you are, please stay safe and well, virtuous and holy. May the Lord bless and keep you and yours, and may His peace be always with you. +JMJ+

Notes and Links

  1. Education in the New Age, by Alice A. Bailey and Djwal Khul (the Tibetan), Lucis Trust, 1954 and 1982. Paperback. Kindle.  (Affiliate links, see Full Disclosure below for more about that.) Free PDF
  2. I heard about Common Core for years before I learned that Bailey acolyte Robert Muller had anything to do with it, and read Robert Muller himself admitting that he based it on the ideas and teachings of Alice Bailey and her Arcane School. No wonder the New Age has become so mainstream. It’s been in our schools and classrooms for years and years. Muller published his World Core Curriculum Manual in 1986 and he was influencing educators even before then. (I’m still trying to find a copy of the manual. Let me know if you know where I can get one.)
  3. Barbara Marx Hubbard, with her new species of human, the Homo Amore Universalis, owes a lot to Alice Bailey’s teachings on the emerging new human species. Hubbard may credit Bailey somewhere in her work, I don’t know. I haven’t seen any credit to her yet, but I have barely looked into that. I notice that on the Foundation for Conscious Evolution site they adopt a color palette that in a way is a quiet nod to Bailey’s book covers and the Lucis Trust site with that dark blue and white. See screenshot below. It caught my eye immediately. I’m not implying that there’s anything nefarious about that, I just noticed it, that’s all. 

Image credit: Sidney Hall, Urania’s Mirror, “a set of celestial cards accompanied by A familiar treatise on astronomy … by Jehoshaphat Aspin. London. Astronomical chart, 1 print on layered paper board : etching, hand-colored.” The constellation of Aquarius. Wikimedia. Public domain.

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