Yoga and Catholicism, Part 1

This is the introduction to a new set of posts I’ll be writing. I had begun researching yoga and Catholicism when other aspects of my life took precedence. I didn’t think I was ready to launch back into that study yet, but something has come up over on Twitter and I need to write a reply which is going to be longer than a Tweet (a lot longer). So I’ll write it in Scrivener, post it on the blog, and link to it on Twitter. It belongs with the series on the soul and you’ll see why I’m thinking about that as these posts continue. I’ll give it its own TOC, though, and call this one Series On the Soul, Volume 2.

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For the International Day of Yoga I Assumed One Pose

In honor of the International Day of Yoga I assumed one pose and that was: curled up on the couch with Miss Lucy Dawg, surfing the web, researching yoga for something I want to write and to further my understanding. I’m not ready to write in depth about it yet, but as a former new ager and one who studied yoga longer than I practiced the asanas, I’ll go on record to say, as I’ve said many times before: Yoga is emphatically NOT compatible with any form of real Christianity. Sure, you’ll find lots of Christians who will argue that it is compatible, and you’ll find yoga and other forms of occultism offered in many ostensibly Christian places by many people who are ostensibly Christian, even in religious houses where people are ostensibly consecrated to the Christian religious life.

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